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unmarried couple move to Dubai

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    Hi all,

    My girlfriend and I were thinking of moving to Dubai together to teach. Is it possible for us to live together or will this be unacceptable.

    I have heard its illegal for unmarried couples to live together and same can result in imprisonment.

    Any advice would be greatly welcomed.


  • Why not move to a country that is more welcoming? As a couple your earning potential is very high. Forget Dubai and look towards China, Thailand, Malaysia etc.You can find international schools in almost every country in the world. And they are usually happy to get couples applying and Irish teachers too so they can have a more mixed nationality teaching staff. Good luck... ps its a bit late to get jobs for next September. You need to start looking in November or you end up getting the dodgy schools who still haven't found anyone by April...

  • Thanks for the positive advise. We both have bachelor degrees in finance and accounting. I hope to qualify as an accountant in July. I was considering changing career hence the request for advise. Will definitely consider applying in November.

  • The UAE is getting stricter and stricter about hiring people without teaching degrees due to new teacher licencing, so actually getting jobs may be an issue particularly for a man as Sabis seems to be only hiring women recently. As for living together while being unmarried I know people who do it and have no issues but also have heard cases where there have been problems with it. I think a lot of it depends on how you interact with your neighbours.