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Smooth vs Patent Dr Martens boots - can't decide!

  • 23-03-2017 5:55pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 An Abundance Of Emily

    So I have owned a pair of Dr Martens black patent 1460s for four years now. I find them great in our wet, temperate Irish weather and they fit in well with my wardrobe of skinny jeans and jumpers/cardigans. I also own a recently purchased pair of 1461s in smooth black leather.

    Now, my patent 1460s are coming onto their last legs so I would like to purchase another pair of 1460s in the near future, but am struggling to decide between repurchasing the patent or going for the smooth this time.

    I love the wipe-clean finish of the patent, they are pretty much waterproof and they're a refreshing take on the smooth black 1460s I see everyone and their mother wearing. On the other hand, I'd like to get the smooth 1460s for a change in boot, they are popular for a reason, they're classic and look like they wear better over time. They'd still be able to withstand the rain but I already have the 1461s in smooth leather so I don't really want to be doubling up.

    Which ones should I go for? Any and all suggestions will be much appreciated!!