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2nd paper on an experiment, how much previous data to include?

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    I wrote a paper on an experiment we did (environmental science) which included a results section on the background environmental conditions and some basic results for the period of the experiment (temperatures, rainfall that sort of thing), as a foundation for showing the results relating to the actual research questions. Now I'm writing a second paper which will build on the previous research question results to address another question.

    I'm wondering how much of the background data to include (or that I'm allowed to include) in the new paper though, it's going to be necessary to explain the research results, but will it be sufficient to just cite it? The papers will be in different journals too, which is a complication. I will be discussing it with my supervisor later, but I was hoping to get some idea beforehand of what is the norm and allowed.


  • Cite the original paper, you'll only need to put new data in the second paper. You might need to elaborate a bit in the introduction, but again you'll be referencing the first.