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Student Homework, Projects, Surveys & Degree-Related Assignments Welcome

  • 03-03-2017 1:54pm
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    We Welcome Student Homework, Projects, Surveys & Degree-Related Assignments smile.png

    Homework and project questions are welcome in the Weather forum provided they forms the basis for discussion and you are happy to engage with other posters, discussing methodologies, data collection methods, analysis, results & conclusions. Students may also ask for help collecting data for course assignments/degree-related research such as surveys, interviews, etc.

    Don't just ask for final answers in your original post and leave to never return. That's rude when someone has taken the time to assist you.
    We expect that students asking for assistance are willing to defend and discuss their reasoning - We get a lively and interesting discussion, you get the help you need. Win:Win.

    Contributors to the Weather Forum will not do your assignments, data collection or research design for you. They will however try to help and guide you where possible.

    This exception is to facilitate student learning; it is NOT to be used business or marketing purposes (the latter should contact [email protected]).

    If you have any questions regarding this iniative, please post them here.