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Teaching English in UAE

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    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone could give me some advice regarding teaching english in the UAE? I graduated a few months ago from university in Ireland with a bachelors degree in French and music and now I'm looking into teaching abroad for a year or two while I'm figuring out what I'd like to do regarding masters etc...

    Just looking for general advice on which companies to apply with, what experience is required (I'm planning on doing a TEFL course but I have no other teaching experience), what the salary is like and what the overall experience was like.

    Also if I do go I would be going with my boyfriend who is also thinking about teaching english there but does not have a bachelors degree. Is a bachelors degree required or is a TEFL enough?
    Also what is it like for couples, I know they are very strict when it comes to unmarried couples and that unmarried couples cannot live together full stop. Is this the case everywhere in the UAE or is it different for teachers who live in compounds etc?