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Primary teaching jobs in Doha

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    Hello all,

    I'm currently teaching and living in Doha in Qatar. I have been here 1 year now and I have a contact in my primary school for anyone who would be interested in teaching in Doha for the upcoming school year. The school will interview all candidates who have a PGCE or an undergraduate equivalent. NQTs are more then welcome to apply. They school is the Newton group and they take on hundreds of new teachers each year. Doha is a great place to live, there is a great opportunity to travel and make a lot of money while you're here. Really couldn't recommend it more :)


  • I might be interested in working in Doha, can you give me any more information about the school?
    What is the salary like?
    Does the school provide accommodation?
    What is the situation with unmarried couples living together? Would there be potential for my girlfriend (not a teacher) to come and live with me?
    Are one year contacts available?
    Is the school year from September to June?

  • Hi Kevin, sorry i'm only seeing your reply now.

    the salary all depends on experience but it's tax free, you get accommodation provided with all bills payed, you get transport provided to and from school each day as well as one return flight a year.
    They do allow unmarried couples to live together. I currently live with my girlfriend who is also a teacher. I'm not sure about your girlfriend living with you, she might also find it hard to get work here if she's not a teacher.
    All contracts are 2 year contracts and the school calendar is the same as in Ireland.