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Civil Service - Head to Head Transfer

  • 28-02-2017 7:42pm
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    Hi all,

    I'm a full time CO in Waterford City seeking a head to head transfer for any department in Wexford due to commuting reasons. I'm working in a friendly office with canteen, free parking & flexi time. If anyone is interested in a transfer or has any questions, please private message me. Thanks


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    Bumping this :)

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    If you are in the union you can place an add in the union magazine.

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    There's a new mobility scheme due out in the next month or two that is designed to be an open and transparent way of transferring between regions and/or Departments. You don't even need to find someone to do a head-to-head, you can just put your name down for a transfer.

    Speak to your HR or Employee Assistance Officer about it.