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Where to fill 4500psi air tank

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    Hi, I am switching from co2 to air, currently have a 4500 tank but the only place I can find to fill it can only go to 3000psi.. Cork paintball over by the marina is where I have gone. Most other places seem to use co2


  • Co2 isn't in use in any Irish site as far as I'm aware of. The only 4500PSI systems I was aware of was in Anarky in Newry (Pretty sure those guys closed down) and Barrage in Meath (Also closed down) Most HPA systems will fill to 4500PSI easily but most punter sites use 3000PSI as the fill is faster and safer for staff to operate. There's no advantage in a standard game to running 4500PSI over 3000PSI, the output from your reg is going to be the same and consistent. Higher pressures make sense for longer games and if you are running out of air, you can always carry two tanks and connect them, or buy a larger tank and wear it (Depending if you are playing Woods or Speedball) Alternatively, depending on your marker, you can increase your efficency with some good cleaning and component changing e.g. I ran a lighter bolt and spring in an Invert Mini many years ago and the shot efficency was increased by more than a hopper full.

  • My apologies, I never saw this reply.

    Yeah I'm aware that the reg only outputs 800psi either way, but if I go to fill my tank which costs a fiver and then take it to play a game (we have set up our own site) then I want it to last as long as possible. I have a scuba tank to refill it as well but I get less with each fill, and the first one is only about 2800 anyway (from scuba tank)! Cascade system would be nice but I'm the only one in our group to use HPA so can't afford it on my own!

    Starting to think I should have stuck with CO2!