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Getting a certified copy of Leaving Cert Results (as an Equivalent to GCSE results)

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    Hi there,

    So I got an offer to study at the University of Sheffield. However, to turn my conditional offer to a confirmed offer, I need to have a certified copy of my Leaving Certificate results. I have emailed the university asking how I could do this from abroad (Currently living in Ireland and working until I move over in August), but I was wondering how you guys got your certified copies of your LC results. I am wondering if it will be enough to get a solicitor to do it here or should I go to the British Embassy here in Dublin and get them stamped.

    AFAIK, they accept the equivalent of the Leaving Cert as GCSE so I don't have to pay Naric £90 and my degree is from Trinity College here in Dublin with a 2.1. Any suggestions?