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Old stone cottage renovation with new extension- heating options?

  • 09-02-2017 9:56am
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    I'm in the process of renovating an old stone cottage, circa 200 years old. It is about 50 square meters in size. I'm putting on a new extension to the rear of the cottage circa 40 square meters so no planning needed. I need help deciding what heating system to use. I know that I need to determine my level of insulation and heat consumption and so on but right now I'm really just looking for some advice please.

    The floor is being taken up in the cottage and hopefully replaced with a breathable limecrete floor, so I have the option of laying underfloor heating. The walls of the cottage are staying in place and clay is being used to allow them to breath. The roof will be replaced and again breathable materials used here. The extension is a new build. I am going to try to insulate everything as much as possible and use the best windows that I can afford.

    The cottage will become one open plan space for kitchen and dining with a stove in the middle. It is orientated from north to south so there will be a good level of glass on the south side, hopefully to get some solar gain. The extension will consist of two bedrooms, bathroom, sitting room and utility.

    I could be living in this house for a good 50 years and I do plan to extend it in the future. It's basically like a new build but working with the four stone walls of the existing cottage.

    1. Underfloor heating with air-to-water, dry stove in living space, maybe solar panels?
    2. Oil radiators, back boiler stove, maybe solar panels?
    3. Any other suggestions?

    I've already read a huge amount of information on this forum and I really appreciate the time people take to reply to people like me.


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    just wondering how you got on as I'm doing something similar.