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Really need advice

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    Looking for advice.
    I've been teaching in England since the end of August and I desperately want to return home. I thought I could stick it out for the year but recently the stresses of having all lower set classes (all the behavioural problem kids are put together)and  the mountain of paperwork have really gotten to me. The discipline within the school is a joke and the students basically do what they want. I receive a daily torrent of verbal abusive and even one incident where a student tried to physically attack me. 
     As a result I told the Head that I can't possible see myself returning to school following the mid term break. He told me that I had to stay until at least Easter and he would not release me from my contract regardless of what happened. I know that I will not be able to stick it out until Easter; I am already suffering anxiety & panic attacks. I want to know what would be the consequence of breaking the contract? 


  • If it is as bad as you say, visit a GP and you should be able to get signed off with work related stress. Hand in your notice also.

    Breaking contract could result in a poor reference and possible legal action if the school decided to go down that avenue, although I doubt they would.

  • Having worked in the U.K. I can empathise and in fact my own situation mirrored yours in some ways. From my own experience my advice would be to quit... it's simply not worth it... I've never regretted doing it and feel working in the U.K. soured my experience of teaching so much that I couldn't ever see myself returning to working in a classroom.

    As for breaking the contract? I handed in notice and was supposed to work out two full weeks but an incident with a student verbally abusing me during that notice period caused me to simply walk out the school gate never to return. I never heard anything since... but my mental well being improved vastly and I have no regrets in putting myself first having learned from experience that no one else will.

    Good luck with whatever decision you take.

  • I agree with the guys above OP. It's not worth it. Leave, don't go back. Your mental health will thank you. E mail whoever is in charge and thank them for the oppertunity etc... They won't chase you through the courts - way to expensive. Gap on your CV? No problem, you were travelling, gaining valuable life lessons :) 

    The doctors cert is a good idea too. The doc will be sympathetic to your situation. Good luck OP.