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Red trying to learn something new

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    Hey guys,

    After a few minor attempts to get stuck into learning Japanese Kanji before and not really getting anywhere, I recently got a set of audiobooks to listen to while I walk to work to hopefully get me started on learning Japanese. I've had it in my head for years now that I'm not really a "languages" person as I had trouble with them all through school but enjoying this so far :)

    (For those interested I'm using the following book:
    Japanese Phase 1, Unit 01-05: Learn to Speak and Understand Japanese with Pimsleur Language Programs
    by Pimsleur
    Narrated By Pimsleur
    It's available here on audible.com)

    I am hoping I can get some help from more experienced members/japanese speakers from time to time as while the books are very good, there are a few things I'm having problems with.

    1) One of the first phrases taught is "I understand/I don't understand". When I hear the phrase for "I don't understand" it seems to alternate in my head as ending in "m" or "n". Spelt phonetically it sounds like "wa-kari-masem/masen". Would love some clarification on this?

    2) One of the other phrases was "Are you American?". Again Phoentically speaking it sounds like I'm trying to pronounce "A-natta-wa America-jin dess" but the audio book asked me to listen for how the "u" sound trails off at the end. I can't hear it at all? Is it that short that I simply can't register it?

    Appreciate people taking the time to help with this :)

    Hopefully I'll get better with time/practice!


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    Hello :)
    I have currently been studying Japanese for 2 years and I personally think you should not really worry about the pronunciation at first if you are just started learning :)

    desu can easily sound like dess when you speak very fast . there are certain times when pronunciation matters but in this case you dont have to worry about it :)

    If I can reccomend some things to get you started I think YesJapan is a great website to go to thats free :)

    They also have a youtube channel :)

    I also highly recommend you to try Genki textbooks , its the best book to buy to learn about the rules of japanese grammar and learn new words :).

    the downside is its quite expensive

    Have fun with your studys :)

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