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  • 15-01-2017 1:06am
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    The time of peace and good will, good food and spending time with your fam... nah.
    It's the time of PRESENTS and we all know it. :pac:

    So- what presents did you get this year that you loved?
    Were there any you didn't care so much for?

    Any gift you gave somebody else that went down a treat leaving you pretty pleased with your present-buying skills?

    I got a new Kindle which is great because my old one was pretty old and the battery kept going flat, so I was a happy camper. Plus I had already resolved to read a lot more this year so went on a spree downloading ALL the books. :)


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    I got a pair of wireless over the head skull candy hesh 2 headphones and I love them.

    They're so comfy to wear the sound is great and having no cables is a big bonus. I got a new kindle last Year and I did the same thing and downloaded all of the books. We must swap notes haha.

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    My best friend both gave me :) two watches (I was stunned!) One she knew I would like and one that is more her style.
    Love that idea - I shall wear the casual one, knowing how thoughtful she was; and wear the dressy one, with pride that it reminds me of my good friend. :)

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    My two favourite present this year was a set of dumbells (delighted to have my own!) and a really cool vintage accessories cabinet. It's got sections for studs, collar stays, all that.

    TBH I got a load of stuff that I didn't really care for from my fiancées family, they just do that kind of "oh here's a bath set of a smell you won't like and also you don't have a bath but whatever!" still very nice of them but I see some regifting in my future tbh.