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Question re: skiing off-piste in European resorts

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    Hi all,
    I'm hoping someone can clarify something for me. In a "typical" European resort, is off-piste skiing considered to be akin to full blown backcountry skiing? i.e. once you leave the piste you are outside the patrolled area, there is no avalanche control and you need beacon, shovel, probe etc?


  • That is correct.

  • Once you leave the piste you are responsible for your own safety, whether that means shovel / probe or otherwise its a matter for yourself. But its not like some resorts in the US where I understand they confiscate your lift pass for going out of bounds. Its also unlike US resorts where they avalanche patrol the off piste. Certainly off piste in Europe is not avalanche patrolled (although some resorts have areas called itineraires which are avalanche patrolled but not pisted).