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Cheap week skiing March for beginners

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    Hi guys, two of us looking to go somewhere to attempt to ski. Both of us would be complete beginners. We're currently looking at cheap places to book for 25/26th March-1 April - mainly Arinsal in Andorra.
    It's looking like between 350-500pp for accommodation, flights and transfers with half board over 7 nights. From what I see on the Arinsal website it looks like 350 for gear rental (boots, skis, helmet), 19 hours of group classes over 5 days and lift passes ( do you have to get a ski pass?). So around 1000 for the whole thing (including bits to spend and buying appropriate clothing).

    I know practically nothing about skiing - will there be "enough" snow if we were to go to andorra this march? Does 1000pp sound about right? or are there any other extra things that I have forgotten about? Are there any other places that would be similarly priced?


  • That's shockingly expensive!

    I've been to Arinsal a few times, All booked with Crystal. €7-800 seems about right
    The spread of prices on hotels through out the village generally indicates how for from the gondola they are.
    The furthest down the hill I'd entertain is St. Gothard, Any further is just too far a walk at night after a few drinks, Not generally a problem in the mornings as there is a regular free bus up to the Gondola, Furthest up the hill I'd go is Xalet Verdú, For the same reason, different directions.

    I've stayed in the Patagonia, Absolutely perfect for mornings with a 20 yard walk to a 4 man chair but even the walk down to the village can be tiring, never mind the walk back up.
    Gothard is were we've returned to, The hotel food is decent (better then Patagonia), Rooms are nice and big. Rent a locker at the top of the gondola to save you carrying gear everyday.

    There'll be plenty of snow in march, Ski school is excellent with all English speaking instructors, You'll need a ski pass to get up to the ski area and every time you use a lift(its the same in every resort). The weather in march is usually fairly warm so you may not need to buy a heavy ski jacket. I've skied there in march in a short sleeve t shirt.

    Here's a price for everything but insurance. Either take insurance from a TO or get your own, make sure it has snow sports cover