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Irish Times Home Delivery

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    I am thinking about getting the Irish Times home delivery service mon-sat. Can anyone tell me what its like, what time.



  • Anybody?


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    Just shows you..........

  • I suspect the time is entirely location dependent. I got the SBP delivered for a while by them - officially as an non-IT paper it had a delivery fee officially, but it was permanently waived. Stopped it when going on holiday and never resumed and just buy it in the shop. Always landed on the mat before I got up on a Sunday.

  • I get the IT delivered a few days a week, and the few times I've heard it being dropped it was about 3 or 4am.

    I sometimes leave for work at 6.30am and it's never not been there by then.

  • I get the IT delivered on Saturdays. I used to get an early edition, it was delivered at about 2 a.m. but that led to a problem with sports news (esp. golf) from the US being incomplete because the edition delivered to me would have gone to press at about midnight Irish time. I didn't complain but others must have so now they deliver it at about 6 a.m. and it's a later edition.

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