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Modding Fresh install of Skyrim Legendary Edition

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    Planning to get back into Skyrim soon after 4 odd years and just trying to work out which essential mods I need to get installed first.

    I've always used Gopher's vids on Youtube as a good guide but his last set of videos on the subject are 3 years old.

    He basically mentions Nexus mod manager, SKSE, load order & Boss before getting the Unofficial Patch to fix all bugs and separate patch files for all the DLC, which I believe is now all one download.....

    Is that basically a good starting point in 2016 or are there any other essential needed for the Legendary edition or possible conflicts with the recent Special Edition (which I think is a free update is this case??)

    Thanks in advance!


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    TBH, I'm just using Nexus and you don't even need to use that. As far as I know SKSE isn't compatible with the new one yet. With Special Edition, load menu has an option to download mods through bethesdanet. I'm using a combination of that and Nexus because not all mods on Nexus are available on bethesdanet. The game seems to automatically rearrange your load order after you install mods.

    If you're using mods, it disables achievements, so you'd want to go onto Nexus and search for "Achievement Mods Enabler" for special edition, copy and paste the required files, and then achievements will be enabled again.

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