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Charter (rules of the forum)

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    Motors Insurance Charter - Read Before Posting

    Welcome to the Motors Insurance Forum. This forum is for topics relating to Motors Insurance, with a bit of general discussion thrown into the mix. If your topic isn't relevant to the forum, it will be moved to a more appropriate forum. If you have any queries, feel free to contact the forum moderators Alanstrainor, biko, GvidoR, OSI or category mods: tricky D or unkel.

    The Newbies & FAQ forum can be of benefit to all posters, take some time to check it out.

    Motors Insurance Rules
    • Stay on topic! Posters will want comments on their specific situation. Derailing threads with general "insurers are bad" complaints or bringing your own unrelated issues into thread will get actioned.
    • Advocating, condoning or soliciting information about breaking the law is prohibited. Any such posts will be deleted and the poster banned from the forum.
    • Anyone seeking advice on illegal stuff.
    • If you suspect someone is a troll, report it. Calling them a troll on thread will result in YOU receiving a ban
    • Arguing with a mod decision on thread, or failing to comply with one, will result in a ban.
    • Libellous or Defamatory posts will be deleted
    • Posting peoples personal information or phone number will lead to a ban
    • Off topic posts will be deleted, they derail threads and ruin it for everyone
    • Asking for peoples opinions on particular insurance options is fine, however posts on this board do not constitute insurance advice per se, they are just opinion.
    • Don't Solicit Business. This is a bannable offence. Trying to solicit business or get free advertising on this board will result in you being banned from this board permenantly. Multiple accounts from the same person doing this may result in the admins banning your IP from this site. You don't want that.
    • No Commercial Entities. People may post to this board as private entities. If you want to advertise then contact [email protected] to discuss it further. Any accounts created for the sole purpose of advertising a company or entity will be banned from this board permanently. Posting here as a professional in the industry (past or present) is fine.
    • No Advertising of Commercial Entities. That's pretty self explanatory - but to be sure, you cannot use this forum to advertise products and services. If you wish to advertise, contact [email protected]. NB: Weblinks to articles, information sites and free sites are fine. It is only blatant advertising of commercial entities that we will be removing.

    As with all Boards fora, the general site rules apply:

    Site Rules
    • Boards is a privately owned website, as such, free speech does not apply. If your post does not comply with the rules, it may be edited or deleted.
    • Be civil (Don't be a dick to others).
    • Always read the forum charter.
    • No Personal Abuse - Attack the post not the poster.
    • Don't back seat moderate, if you have a problem with a post, hit the report button.
    • Don't argue with a mod direction on thread - If you want to discuss it, take it to PM.
    • Don't advertise your company.
    • Don't post about illegal activities.
    • Don't post porn or any other Not Safe for Work Material (NSFW).
    • Don't use txtspk, use your whole keyboard, thats what its there for.

    Have a look at the Terms of Use that you signed up to when you joined Boards.

    Mod discretion applies at all times.

    This charter may be updated at any time.