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Charter - Update 15/12/2016

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    The following are topics of discussion that will result in threads and posts being deleted immediately, along side an immediate permaban!
    • Do not post any links or materials in relation to backing up or ripping games. This includes "links to" or "how to" information on the potentially illegal downloading of Games and other Software.
    • Do not discuss how to run proprietary Software illegally. This includes Loaders/Flash Cards/Modified Code etc.
    • Do not post, link to or otherwise divulge proprietary Software Keys. This includes Encryption/Decryption, Signing and Public/Private Keys etc.

    Otherwise, I please ask you all to remember the following:
    • Be civil to the moderators and posters.
    • Don't post stuff that is not safe for work [NSFW].
    • Don't post the same message in more than one forum.
    • Don't advertise your company/services except in modding services thread at the top of the forum.
    • Don't abuse people personally.
    • Don't argue with the forum moderator(s) decision on the thread. If you have a problem with a moderator's decision then take it to pm. If you're still not satisfied, please follow the Dispute Resolution Procedure.
    • Don't back seat moderate.
    • Not reading the rules is against the rules. Always read the forum charter.
    • Keep threads on topic


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