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Working on something..It's an antidrug song. We all lost some special

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    Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 963 Labarbapostiza

    ♪ We all wanna get high...♪

    ♪ When we feel low....♪

    ♪ But never do it....♪

    ♪ It just sucks when you do blow.....♪

    ♪ You'll end up on the floor...♪

    ♪ Or crawling up the walls...♪

    ♪ You think you're going to stand♪

    ♪ But you're only going to fall♪

    ♫ Don't die like Gerry....♫

    ♫ With your gun in your hand...♫

    ♫ Don't die like Gerry......♫

    ♫ Face down, with your gun in your hand ♫

    Not fully there yet, but I think I'm getting there. It's a tribute to one of my childhood heroes and a warning to the young. I can't sing or play any instruments, but I have a little money set aside to have it recorded properly, by a Guns'n'Roses/Aslan influenced band.

    What you think lads? Know any good bands that could help me?