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Whiskey- Present from Dublin Airport


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    Haven't had the Tullamore 15 year but the Jameson is very nice. The 2 you posted are the same whiskey, just different labels, as far as I am aware.

    Yellowspot is also a great whiskey in your price range. If they are whiskey connoisseurs I would get them this as it's not as widespread as Jameson.

    Glenfiddich is a very good Scottish distillery but I'd always recommend Irish. :P

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    The Jameson Gold or the Glenfiddich.

    I'm a massive fan of both, but if you ever come to my house... bring the Jameson Gold. :D

  • Registered Users Posts: 241 ✭✭ Whistlejacket

    +1 for the Yellow Spot. I'd be thrilled if someone turned up with it for me.

    All those you've mentioned are lovely and would make a great gift, the Yellow Spot is just less widespread which I think would up the unique present factor.

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    If they are genuine whiskey drinkers then plumb for something that they won't get, such as Yellowspot or Teelings (I think I saw it in Duty Free recently.)

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    Turf Mor has been relaunched as an exclusive duty free edition

    Must book flight..................


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    Travel Retail Exclusives almost always leak to specialist retail channels. That said, tenner flight to somewhere in the UK and exit via the Pier A exit without flying works (and is legal - you have not received any discount on duty/VAT with a UK boarding pass).