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Beginner Trip Obertauern

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    So I'm trying to organise a ski trip to Salzburg in Feb, looking at staying in Obertauern. Can anyone recommend a ski school for maybe 3-4 days of lessons that won't break the bank? Also what's the best options for ski passes?

    Anything I should look for in hotel?
    Never been skiing before so all help is appreciated


  • OH & I have been going to Obertauern for years.

    Airport transfers are arranged with Habbersatter.

    There's 4-5 ski schools, but their prices are broadly similar.

    Personally, I prefer a few private lessons over ski school. It's more expensive hour for hour, but the personal attention makes for far quicker learning. If that's what you'd like, I can give you details for a couple of good teachers.

    Ski passes - if you think you will be doing loads of skiing, the week pass is the best value, but as beginner, I'd seriously consider a points card (bit like a leap card). You can get a card for 300 points, and it will last you a couple of days minimum as a beginner. They are widely available so you won't run out in the middle of no-where. The lifts vary, but range between 20-40 points, I'd guess. I'll find the link on the main website.

    Hotel - one that won't have you walking too far. Most are ski-in ski-out. As a beginner, though, you need to aim for one near the beginner slopes. Don't underestimate the exertion of walking in skiboots and carrying skis.

    I'm in favour of half board - too lazy to go out in the evening after a hard day skiing looking for restaurants. One that serves an apres-ski snack is a huge bonus.

    There's only one real grocery store (a spar) - good to know where it is if you want to get water/snacks etc for the hotel.

    Come back with any questions - I could ramble on for ages :o

  • Points card

    Lift card brochure - bottom left of page 3 lists the points for each lift:

    My favourite hut - Achenrein Hutte - they do their own Zirben Schnapps that is the best in the village.

  • Obertauern is great as a beginner! We went there regularly for years and my daughter ended up training with and working for the ski school, which she said was very well run, so I'd definitely recommend them