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Which real tree to get?

  • 24-11-2016 11:58pm
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    This will be our third year to put up a real tree in our home, but our past experiences with real trees has been a disappointment. First year we got an ikea tree, shed like nothing else and was twigs in a stand come the 23rd, no smell either. We got a noble fir last year and while it was lovely for the whole season there was no smell.

    So whats the best real tree that will look good for the whole season and give off that lovely pine smell? What will you put up?


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    Same, bought one from ikea and absolutely no smell off it, didn't even use the voucher that came along with it! Love to know a quality smelly(?) tree, don't care how much it costs.

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    We've got the real tree for my family home in this place for the last 30+ years and have never been disappointed. They smell amazing and there's a huge selection of sizes. They wouldn't be the cheapest, but they're really good. It's in Milltown in Dublin. I used to get my own tree there too until I got an artificial one (got that from them also) They're very knowledgeable about trees, so could recommend one that would smell best.

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    If you can go to a Tree Farm directly. There are a good few around the country but you may have a bit of a drive. When you do that you're probably getting a tree that was cut down that day. You may even be able to go and watch them cut it down for you. Bring it home stick it straight in some water and it will last until January. When you go to a big chain like Ikea or one of the lads selling them out of the back of a van they are probably cheap ones cut down in Eastern Europe a couple of weeks ago. The tree is dead and no matter how much water you stick it in nothing will make it last.

    If you have to go to the likes of Ikea you might as well buy one of the "Real Feel" artificial trees and some pine fragrance.

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    touts, I couldn't agree with you more, do you know of any farms? I live in north dublin but don't mind driving to Wicklow (where I presume they grow them)

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    Much like snipping the end of flowers I find that if you saw an inch off the bottom of the tree before sticking it in the water then it lasts longer & drops very few needles

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    touts, I couldn't agree with you more, do you know of any farms? I live in north dublin but don't mind driving to Wicklow (where I presume they grow them)

    I don't know the ones in Wicklow. The one I use is in Tipperary. Capalice farm.

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    We get a real tree every year but have been a bit disappointed with the lack of smell in previous years.

    So we decided to change supplier (previously getting them from a lady at side of road) and went to a garden centre (Moyvalley). The youngfella there hadn't a clue what species the trees were so we just went around sniffing them and found one that had a nice bit of smell and looked well and was holding its needles well..

    I reckon it's a Fraser Fir going by internet photos, but really I've no idea.

    We got the lad to take an inch or two off the bottom, drive straight home and got it into the stand which has a water reservoir. Once you cut the bottom off, the tree will reseal itself in 2 hours and then won't absorb water.

    So far the smell has been lovely and the tree looks so good and healthy. It's drinking at least 2-3 litres of water in 24hours so far but I expect this to slow down.

    tldr; sniff test