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Advice needed - Shipping airsoft guns (with chrono reports) to France?

  • 24-11-2016 2:58pm
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    My old boss has just moved back home to France.

    He wants to ship his 4 airsoft guns (2 pistols, 2 rifles). All have chrono certs showing them as well under 1 joule.

    He has tried DHL - but DHL won't ship them for him ... even with the certs.

    What is the simplest / most pain-free way to ship these?

    Any recommendations / advice?

    (I did search for advice first - apologies if this is an obvious or well worn path)


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    Contact some Airsoft Retailers and ask who they use.
    In dublin there is Hobby Airsoft in Ballymount and MIA near Finglas.
    A look at the Retailers sub forum will give you more.

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    He could ship them stripped down or not complete so then there would be no issue......