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Nursing in the UK & £9000 Fees a year

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    Just moved to study pre nursing after doing a year of a level 7 course, would it be better for me to study in the uk or NI to avoid the tuition costs if i get a place lets say in ireland eg UCC?
    Or will i still be demanded to pay the fees? I still have outstanding semester 2 fees which i owe to the course which i dropped out around €1500 in my first course after dropping out of the full year one.

    I'm having a look at universites in england and the fees seems ridiculous £9k a year, i know you can take a loan but i don't want it to be hanging off me for years to come, by any chance is there any grants out there that can reduce the required fee of £9? I actually wasn't eligible for the SUSI grant and i appealed too so the chances of me getting a grant in england will be slim to none?

    Thanks a lot