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Forum Games Charter - Please read before posting - UPDATED 22/7/21

  • 10-10-2016 10:32am
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    Welcome to the Forum Games section of

    The top level forum will be used to host general chat, social events, "game" admin, game FAQ and notifications.

    Games (werewolf, codenames etc) will then have a sub-forum to host the game threads / reveal threads.

    Accessing a sub forum

    Access to the Werewolf sub forum will be based on requests to the Forum Games mods and will be controlled in much the same manner as the Soccer forum. This is not intended to be exclusionary, it is not a case of discrimination, it is solely to allow the games to be played in peace.

    Access to the 'Forum Games Tournaments' and 'Other Forum Games' sub fora is open to all. In the case of a game of D&D within 'Other Forum Games', please do not post in a D&D thread without first talking to the DM / Games Master regarding joining the game.

    Likewise, please ask can you join a Codenames game before you begin guessing. Other games that we play have sign up threads in the main forum, and people are free to post in the game threads in the 'Other Forum Games' sub forum, when those threads go live.


    Chat not related to a game thread should be restricted to the main forum. There are individual discussion threads for the games we play, including Codenames, Werewolf and D&D, as well as an off topic thread.

    Forum rules
    There should be no spam, trolling or any general muppetry. (Any of this will result in posts being edited/deleted).

    Try to be friendly & courteous to each other. If things get out of hand, offenders will be banned. (Any Abuse or Racism will not be tolerated).

    Commercial advertising is not permitted. (If you wish to place ads on the site you can find out here:

    Before starting a new thread, please check see if there is already a similar thread existing. (Duplicate threads may be removed).

    Any "off topic" posts will be edited, closed or deleted without warning.

    Any repeat offenders of these rules, will result in them being banned and having their access to Forum Games revoked.

    Not reading the charter will make us come down harder on you if you break the rules.

    Please obey the rules of the individual game you are playing.

    All the usual rules also apply.

    Dispute Resolution
    In the event that you feel you have been banned/infracted/treated unfairly, the first step is to contact the moderator in question via PM. If you are unable to settle the dispute with a mod via pm, the correct procedure for appealing cards/bans is to then start a thread in the Dispute Resolution Forum. From there, you will have an impartial higher authority input on the problem & it can be dealt with properly.

    Forum mod -v- game mod
    Each game will have it's own moderator / organiser / game runner that will operate the game (eg setting questions, assigning roles, counting votes, delivering the news of lynches etc).

    They will be identified in the OP of the game (or for Codenames, there will be 2 captains running the game).

    They are who to contact in the event of an issue with the game, such as rule clarifications.

    The forum moderators role is to perform basic administrative tasks within the forum - facilitate access, edit/lock thread titles as needed and just generally keep things civil. Forum moderators can also issue warnings, infractions and bans for behaviour that goes against the charter and against the spirit of the game.

    Forum moderators can also check previous versions of edited posts, which may result in disciplinary action being taken if deemed appropriate by the game moderators.

    Game rules


    The OP of each werewolf game will outline the general rules of the game being played, however the following rules apply to all werewolf games:
    1) There is to be absolutely no editing of posts. There will be a zero tolerance approach, the timing of action for which will be at mod discretion.
    2) Metagaming is frowned upon, contact game mods for clarification on whether something is considered meta. Going out of your way to use non-game data is a bad idea, and can lead to game breaking. Do not do this.
    3) Things can get heated - you may be called a liar or untrustworthy, deceitful etc etc and that is part of the game. If at any stage you feel a personal attack outside of the remit of the game has occurred, ask the person to stop, report the post for the attention of the forum moderators who will respond as appropriate.
    4) If you are not signed up to a game, DO NOT POST IN THE GAME THREAD. Sign up for the next game if you are interested.
    5) Do not discuss ongoing/live games elsewhere. This is to avoid the game potentially being spoiled for those playing.

    Breaching of any of these rules may result in a severe sanction from the forum mods. As the forum is now publicly available to post in, we may ban people outright to ensure they do not breach rule 4 and 5 in particular.

    Game rules for each game will be outlined at the start of the game by the game master. If you have any queries, contact the game master or forum mods.

    Codenames rules generally don't really vary, except for whether Google is to be used or not. If in doubt, ask the game captains to clarify a rule. Forum mods can be asked to mediate any disagreement on rules and/or interpretations, if needed.

    The game runner will generally outline the structure of the tournament at the outset of the game. If reasoning is required for voting in tournaments (or if this will vary), this will be clarified by the game runner.

    Other games
    Rules and procedures for other games should be outlined in the game OP. If you are unsure about a rule, or additional rules are created as the game evolves, the OP can be updated in new game threads, or in the original game thread (by a forum mod).

    Some of the games we have played in the forum include:

    -20 questions (someone picks something and everyone has 20 questions to figure out what it is)
    -Sheep (a quiz where the goal is to guess an answer in common with your competition)
    -Peehs (a quiz where the goal is to avoid picking an answer in common with your competition)
    -Walrus (Submit songs based on a theme, that the mod will then rank)
    -Lyrics games (Lots of variations on this - check out some past threads to see how they work!)

    If there are any questions, feel free to PM one of the moderators.

    Beginners & New Visitors to the Forum

    For a beginners guide on what Werewolf is, please click here.

    For a guide on what Codenames is, please click here.

    For more info on the D&D games, please click here.

    Most of all - enjoy and have fun.
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