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Jobs in CREST, DIT

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    Hi Folks,
    We've two (maybe three) posts to fill in CREST in DIT:
    Materials Scientist on an SRA Scale (Link)
    Marketing Executive (@€;53K (Link with knowledge of engineering sector if possible)

    More details on the DIT recruitment Portal here.


  • Update:
    Marketing Executive position filled.
    We've still got 2/3 post to fill for the "Materials Chemist" role starting at either €26K or €31K depending on experience and qualifications. We changed the job spec from before.
    The positions are great starting points for anyone looking to improve their scientific and professional careers and also offer the opportunity for further training (e.g. to MSc, PhD or MBA level).
    Based in Dublin city centre these posts may involve travel as we have work ongoing around the country and overseas.
    Any questions, just PM.

  • Hi Folks,
    Project Manager position (Ref: NA/198/17, starting from €51K) advertised in CREST, DIT Kevin St.
    Full details at at this link
    The post is a 5 year contract, funded for 18 months initially with the expectation that candidate brings in further income.
    Note: 3 other junior positions to be advertised within the next month.
    PM with any questions.

  • Hi Folks,
    We're looking to fill a panel of experienced graduates for some projects starting soon in CREST DIT. The job description is here. One of the roles will be to work initially on a two year project with a medical device company looking at catheter coatings.
    Some case studies of work done in the past here.
    Closing date is April 19th.
    If you've any questions then drop me a pm.