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Do I need to get a GNIB card?

  • 26-09-2016 5:38pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 1 magpie6

    Hi! I am an American studying abroad in Ireland until December. On my passport, I was given 90 days to get a visa, which gives me til December 11th, and I probably won't travel after that (except leaving to go back to America). My school told us students to go and get a GNIB card, but I'm wondering if there's a way around it since it costs 300 Euro. I plan to travel to Barcelona in October and to Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany in November. I didn't need a Visa to enter Ireland in the first place since I'm from America, so since I have until December 11th on my passport, do I really need to get a GNIB card to re-enter after those trips I'm taking? I don't want to evade the law or anything, I am just hoping to save money where I can because to me it seems unnecessary to pay that much if I didn't need the visa to enter Ireland in the first place.