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Police Cert and Probation Act

  • 20-09-2016 6:09pm
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    Hi there,

    Not sure if any AGS members would know or be able to help me but said its worth a shot anyway.

    Have placement coming up and one of the options is in the States. Need a police cert for that. Was in court before for cannabis possession and defective brake lights. I got the probation act for the cannabis and convicted for the defective brake lights. I have appealed the brake light charges as I feel it should be one charge not two (one for left one for right). AFAIK, this means i have 2 convictions pending only as the cannabis one was not a conviction.

    Anyway, I called into the guard station and the garda told me that probation act does show on police checks. I was under the impression from reading here as well as some official publications that the probation act does not show on checks. I need to apply for this placement within the next two weeks so I need to know if it will or wont show before I actually get the police cert back in circa 3 weeks.

    Can anyone shine some light on whether it will show? Is there anyway to get an informal check (without proof like the sheet stating it etc) within the next week and a half? Anyway to contact the Superintendent or whoever issues the police certs. Will try the Vetting office tomorrow but not sure they will be able to help me.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Hey, your best bet would probably to check with the vetting office as you said.

    Only my unworthy opinion but found this- While individuals often consider that they do not have a formal criminal record, when a person gives their written authorisation for vetting to be conducted the authorised signatory for the registered organisation is informed of the charge as a 'non-conviction' rather than a formal conviction.

    So perhaps this is what was meant when you were told it'd "show up" as such. Imo I took this to mean it'll show you don't have any criminal convictions, but that you were charged.

    I presume then, depending on organisation to organisation/ country to country, they can apply that information as they wish as you don't have a criminal conviction but were charged with something. So you've no criminal convictions-some may unofficially disregard that though.

    Some may not count it, others may, it's probably their choice.

    My source for the quote above was