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Q4 Zombie Films


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    Has anyone heard of an Irish release date for "daylight's end"? Can't find any info on it...

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    Seen the girl with all the gifts and I wasn't happy!

    Daylights end looks very promising.

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    found the girl with all the gifts ,very meh

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    I found the two very meh, more American gun porn. The end of the world has come and we're all going to look fabulous while our magic guns save us from all the bad things.

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    Daylights end..
    They didn't have ENOUGH "magic guns" to sort out the Zombies..FS you are in a police station in Dallas, in Texas in the most heavily armed states of the Union,both in civvie ownership and military bases and no one has one full auto gun amongst the lot and no one has bothered to pick up a few light machine guns, belt fed grenade launchers ,or other stuff that is lying around.Not to mind they are using feckin pipe bombs to blow up a building.. Yeah,very unrealistic alright.:p

    Confucius say."He who says one man cannot change World. Never has eaten bat soup in Wuhan!"

    "And it’s something that, way back — 150 years ago, when I was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, we spent a lot of time working on and setting up victims’ funds. " President Joe Biden on signing the crime funds act, East Room, White House ,July 24th 2021

    " My Butt's been wiped!" President Joe Biden to camera crew July 27th 2021

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    Daylights end: was better than I expected but a few plot holes and the music was pretty annoying. It has a bodycount that makes Rambo look like a hippie. Worth watching but not because of any great story or characters.

    will see tgwatg this week...

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    It's a different angle on the zombie story and while it's never scary or even tense, I enjoyed it a lot. Missed the first 10 mins due to traffic and it took another 10 to kind of follow what was happening but I'd definitely recommend it (I'd say that about anything the lovely Gemma Arterton is in).

    Nice camerawork; not over-reliant on CGI; nice soundtrack; decent characters and an interesting premise.

    Not without faults but if you don't go in with major expectations I think you'll enjoy it.

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