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Fresher causing bedlam at moment

  • 08-09-2016 11:46pm
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    Freshers week is off to a loud start again with revelers crowding into the milk market area causing complete and utter disruption.

    The local residents lives disrupted again as the market area went CRAZY with students on Freshers week! With many residents quoting "that screams are unreal according to one resident"

    Locals in the area are to have another sleepless night, with loud drunken students, human feces and vomit and mounds of rubbish all over the street.
    It is shocking in the sense that decent folk who have to get up early to get kids to school and work will not AGAIN get any sleep tonight.

    I spoke to several residents who questioned how this behavior be tolerated in an area where people have to live.

    Report: Anthony Heaney

    Photo: Christyna Mulcahy

    [Screenshot 2016-09-09 00.03.png](



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    I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve here. It could be anyone from any of the Limerick colleges.

    If you/they want something done about it then go to the guards and report it.

    As this has nothing much to do with the college itself, I'm closing this thread. If you want to contact me about this then please feel free to PM me. :)

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