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bespoke back to education allowance application??

  • 07-09-2016 4:16pm
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    Hey there,
    Apologies if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to put it. Its a question regarding the BTEA and my accepted graduate diploma in IT in DCU. I have been accepted and am due to start this course in 2 weeks. I have a BA and have been preparing all year for this course, taking grinds and even doing a private part time diploma earlier this year in java programming( admittedly a poor value one from Fitzwilliam institute).

    I have just been told I am not eligible for the BTEA(i'm long term unemployed) because the scheme doesnt cover level 9. I have been to my social welfare office, my local employment partnership and even to my local TD's office and they all tell me the same, that it isn't covered. I have been advised to do one of the springboard courses instead, some of which do look appealing. What is troubling me is that what appear to be my options on the springboard program are in fact level 9 ICT skills conversion courses, which is more or less what the DCU course is. My question for now is, who, if anyone can I go to with this plea, or is it even a legitimate one? I would like to plead for an application to a bespoke BTEA application( something which is in place as its on the springboard site for graduates taking a fulltime ICT course). The clock is ticking, and particularly if there is to be any hope of getting my 500 deposit back from DCU. S

    Sorry for the long note and thanks in advance for any replies.