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How did the 2015 Solar Eclipse affect temperatures?

  • 25-08-2016 12:51pm
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    In the first ever study of its kind, that we know of, satellites were used to monitor land surface 'skin' temperatures during a total solar eclipse

    The research showed the eclipse on the 20th March 2015 resulted in a drop in land surface temperatures in parts of the UK and Europe. This, combined with a study of one-minute observations of near-surface air temperature from meteorological stations in the UK, has allowed scientists to build a picture of the factors that influence how the surface temperature changes during a solar eclipse.

    A solar eclipse provides a unique opportunity to observe how the Earth-system reacts to abrupt changes in solar activity. The results from the satellite analysis show that the amount of sun obscured by the moon, the eclipse duration and the timing, all influence the temperature drop during the event. The largest temperature drops occurred where the sun was most obscured, the eclipse was longer, or the timing was earlier in the day. The analysis of near-surface air temperatures from UK stations showed that the temperature decreases were four times larger, on average at sites with clear skies than at cloudy sites, with the biggest anomaly occurring at a coastal location where flow moved from onshore to offshore during the eclipse.

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