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Possible Canal Route: Belfast to Limerick?

  • 18-08-2016 3:06pm
    Registered Users Posts: 140 ✭✭ Bigfellalixnaw

    Just looking through some canal maps lately. Never knew there was a cross-border canal (no border back in those days) running from Lough Erne to Lough Neagh via Cavan and Monaghan (The Ulster Canal). And furthermore, I found that there was another canal running from Lough Neagh to Belfast (The Lagan Canal). Both canals are disused at the moment.
    So I was wondering would it be possible to to reopen both these waterways, thus connecting Belfast to the already existing Shannon-Erne Waterway? If that were the case, it mightn't be too far-fetched to imagine taking a boat trip from Belfast to Limerick City via this newly established inland waterway.
    What do you folks think?