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Teaching in New Zealand

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    Has anyone had any experience teaching in NZ? I'm moving in January (definitely, whether I can teach or not), have been in contact with an agency and have started the NZQA process but I've now got to register with the teaching council. My visa was easy and cheap but both NZQA and the Teaching council are really expensive and though I've got all my paperwork off to NZQA I can't fill out the Teaching Councils form as it's obviously designed for kiwi qualified teachers. I've contacted them and heard nothing back. The agency says it's 100% illegal to teach (even as a substitute) without registering. I'll only be a year and half into my career when I arrive there so I really didn't want to have a gap in my CV but I'm starting to think it might be best just to look for other work. Has anyone else had any experience with this?


  • Hi, I'm moving over in October and am a primary teacher so have already applied to the NZQA and the teaching council. To apply to the teaching council before you head over you have to email them and say you're an overseas applicant and can you have the correct forms. They then email back within like 2 days (time difference delays this) with the proper attachments for you to fill in. Do it now because it does take a long time and if you forget to send them something etc. they will email you looking for it and this slows it up again. I was a bit apprehensive about paying the money also and thought maybe I'll just work at something else but I was talking to a girl who is currently teaching over there and she said it is definitely worth the money when you get working and like you said I really want to gain experience for when I do come back home. So I think it will be worth it. Go for it!!