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Please advise a foreign Architect in Dublin

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    Hi everyone,

    I had to move from Brazil to Dublin a couple of months ago due to my husband's job. As a foreign Architect, I understand I need to meet all RIAI's requirements before start working, and I'm already taking care of that. Meanwhile, I've been having a real hard time finding any job that is CAD-related, or even jobs that involve interior design projects, which I am also experienced in.

    Being a foreigner means all my professional contacts were left in my home country, and I am pretty much alone here. Given that sending CVs to job listings for months did not result in a single interview, what else could I do? Is there any place or organization that provides help in finding jobs on our field?

    Any advice would be really appreciated.


  • Do not send a CV. Find a company that you want to work for and the company has to be looking for someone like you, get the CV in your hand and go there. Try to make an appointment with your future boss directly if you can find his/her name or a HR person. Ask for an interview or a short chat about the company and the position they need to fill. Show them your interest in getting _that_ job.

  • Are you an architect or interior designer or cad technician?
    Check out LinkedIn as I seen jobs advertised the recently.