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Accommodation Thread (Info & Requests) '16/'17 PP * ALL ACCOM. POSTS GO HERE! *

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    For students looking to live in Waterford during college term, I have put together a list of common places I can think of. Feel free to ask any questions or make additional suggestions here. If you are looking for accommodation or have accommodation on offer - post away.

    Estate Agents / Property Management companies are not permitted to post on Boards without prior agreement with the Boards.ie Community Managers. This can be obtained by email; [email protected]. Thank You

    Never be fooled by advertising campaigns and pictures of apartments that were accurate several years ago when they were built but have changed big time since! Ask other students for Feedback. The College has its own Accommodation Office which is located at the back of the Students Union Office (turn right as you walk out of the business building).

    Manor Village - Manor Village isn't bad for first years and if your not looking for fancy accommodation. Apartments are basic enough, in okay condition and security is tight. After a certain time you are not allowed bring non-residents into your apartment. Some say they don't like party's, but I have found security easy going in that respect. They have a direct college bus also. Its right beside College St. campus and 10-15min walk to main campus. Its about 5-10mins into the city centre, 5mins (or less) to the clubs & pubs and is located near the main public bus route. Never been in Manor 2 which is supposed to cater for those in college a few years.

    Riverwalk - Very similar to Manor Village but nicer apartments, more relaxed security but tight on people causing trouble etc. No restrictions on coming and going. Personally prefer Riverwalk to Manor, but the downside is your 10-15mins away from the main campus, 5-10 from College St. and pubs/clubs and again 10-15mins from the town centre. You are a fair bit away from the nearest bus stop for the city routes (closest bus stop is for Tramore). No direct bus provided either.

    Railway Square - More luxurious apartments then most student accommodation. These were built in the last few years and seem to be in fairly good condition. Completely private, located right beside the cinema, bus stop outside, close to the pubs and clubs and 5mins into the city centre. Probably not idea for first years and perfect if looking for accommodation with a few friends.

    Templers Hall - Houses situated in a mixed residential estate with families and students. Nicest houses are on the front and its generally quieter there. Have been a few troubles in recent years with students causing problems for other residents but after warnings from the college director, guards and students union. Downside is your closest to the halting site (the further back into the estate you go). Security warned us on first day about the estate, Ballybeg, which Templers is near. Cant say I found much, if any, problems caused by them. Some houses are good condition and some are awful - so check the house before renting. Located 5mins from main campus, close to bus stops and 10-15mins to College St.

    Lismore Park - At the back of the college, more houses in a mixed estate (probably more families then students). Only problems here are parking related but as always when renting houses and apartments - check the condition first. 2mins from main campus, 10-15mins to College St. and is located on a city bus route.

    College Fields - On campus accommodation at the back of the college. Never been inside and never knew anybody who stayed there.

    Browns Road Complex - Close to Lismore Park. Never been there, cant comment.

    Nearly all of the above have internet access but its nothing special!


    Some tips from the accommodation office when looking for places to stay:-
    • Students should always view the accommodation prior to booking.
    • Always get a receipt when placing a deposit down.
    • Take pictures/inventory of the house when moving in/out to avoid deposit disputes.
    • Rentbooks should be supplied by your landlord/lady.
    • Rentbooks can be obtained from the Accommodation Office or Students Union office.

    Besides looking here for places to stay check out;

    Notices are frequently placed on college noticeboards, in toilets and beside WIT Card Topup Machines.

    Bus Routes
    There are two bus routes running ever 12mins or so to the college / quay including College St Campus. No. 601 & 603.

    601 (Ballybeg) travels from the Quay -> Parnell St. -> Manor St. (across from Manor Village) -> Ballybeg (Stop 1, across from the old Waterford Crystal sight and above Topaz Cork Road), -> Ballybeg (Stop 2, directly across from the main campus entrance). It continues into Ballybeg after WIT. Note: This is an alternative route to get to the Quay. Jump on across from the main WIT Entrance and once it goes through Ballybeg (it waits here for a bit) it continues down to the Quay! View Timetable

    603 (WIT) travels from WIT (Main Campus, outside main entrance) -> the former Crystal site (across from Topaz Cork Road -> Hennessy's Road (above Maxol / Aldi), -> College St Campus (across from Topaz Manor) -> Parnell St. -> The Quay. Note: This is an alternative route to WIT. Jump on outside AXA Insurance across from the terminus. It goes up into Ballybricken and onwards to the WIT Main entrance. View Timetable

    There all around the €1.60 mark but it tends to increase every year. It is probably higher, I just don't know the current rate.

    For people coming from Tramore. There is a revised timetable in effect for this route, including an additional route to assist those in WIT or the Industrial Estate. So please get a copy of the latest timetable, available here. The new timetable doesn't detail the routes around the town of Tramore.

    The Route 360 will serve Waterford Bus Station, Waterford Crystal, Parnell St, Tramore Rd, Riverstown, Crobally Upper, Summerhill, Ribh Road, Cove Rd and Tramore (Riverstown, Summerhill, Ring Road x3, Newtown Hill, the Cove, Church Road, main Terminus). View Timetable

    The Route 360A will serve Waterford Bus Station, Waterford Crystal, Parnell St, WIT, Six Cross Roads, Riverstown, Ribh Rd, Cove Rd and Tramore. View Timetable

    Customers in Tramore will be able to use Route 360A to travel to Waterford Industrial Estate and WIT (Mon-Fri). It departs from Tramore at 0715 and 0815. For customers travelling from Waterford Bus Station to WIT and Waterford Industrial Estate, the service departs from the bus station at 1530; 1630 and 1730.

    This thread wont be just a list. It can be a discussion on various places and also a point where folk can request accommodation etc. :)

    Last years thread here


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