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Looking for a trad session at the END of a wedding in the Resident's Bar.

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    Strange request this...

    We're looking for a couple of people to play in the Resident's Bar at the end of our wedding night. We'd be hoping that putting on a bit of music will keep the group together and the place swinging for the next while!

    It's only an idea and so far I've come up fairly blank in looking for individuals/group that might be able to do it... and it's all dependant on our budget being able to stretch to it.

    We're looking for probably 2 musicians who will play for about 1/1.5 hours.

    If anyone can recommend anyone please let me know.

    Many thanks.


  • Nothing strange about it, I organised a small trad group for my daughter's wedding a few years ago, they played during the meal and it went very well.

    I knew somebody involved in Aras Chronain in Clondalkin and he organised three players for us.

    I'd say if you ring their office they will probably be able to sort you out.