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ATH Q-Final Match - Surewhywouldntya vs BrianRegan

  • 08-08-2016 12:13pm
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    After a long delay on my part, here is the next Q-F match, and its pits Brian Regan vs Surewhywouldntya. You both know the deal by now so heres your question :

    Q : From from Kane being The Undertakkers long lost brother to Sheltons Big Bad Mamma turning upon Raw to Zip, the brother of Skip in the Bodydonnas, wrestling has its fair share of Kayfabe relatives and families.

    Vince wants you to pick a current WWE Superstar and bring in a kayfabe relative for a them for a new storyline and hes putting it all on you.

    You decide everything. Which superstar/member of the roster gets the relative and what story will you put them into. How will you debut the relative, and how will they play into a new storyline for the WWE.

    The field is wide open on this one, you can bring in an unknown actor to play a manger or relation (ala Sheltons Momma or Torrie Wilsons Dad) , or even repackage another real life wrestler/ manager as this relative (like Glenn Jacobs being Takers baby bro) .

    Good Luck brothers

    Who had the better idea? 6 votes

    Surewhywouldntya - Robert Heymen (The son of Paul Heyman)
    0% 0 votes
    BrianRegan - Chris Hero (The brother of Seth Rollins)
    100% 6 votes


  • Registered Users Posts: 7,722 ✭✭✭SureYWouldntYa

    We all love Paul Heyman right. Well unfortunately for us, with Brock Lesnar leaving after Wrestlemania 34, it's looking like the end of the road for Paul Heyman. Brock has had one hell of a final run though, tough victory over Randy Orton at Summerslam 2016 before going on to win the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble in a triple threat with Rollins and Reigns. He doesn't defend the title at Wrestlemania though, having promised Finn Balor no shenanigans after he had months of it with Rollins, the Demon beat him in the middle of the ring to finally become Universal Champion.

    Lesnar says he's heading off to train before getting his rematch for the title at May's Raw PPV, Payback. Aptly named right. The Demon beats him again, solidifying him as the guy on Raw. The following night on Raw, Heyman and Brock are in the ring. Heyman is doing his thing, saying "Brock was only beaten by a literal demon, not a human being. Brock is the beast of humans." Queue Brock doing his little dance and looking tough in the ring, he's still got serious legitmacy. "But do you know what can beat a beast. The Best". Brock is suddenly attacked by a man of similar size to him, this guy ran in from the crowd and is unrecognised by all of the crowd. Meltzer hasn't even heard of this guy. Having left Brock in the middle of the ring, using his bare hands to lay him out, finishing him off with a sit down powerbomb. Heyman and this new guy just walk off. Even in exclusive footage, there isn't a word from either Heyman or this new guy.

    The next week on Raw, Heyman comes out. Says nothing, before putting on that grin that lets you know he's winning. "Introducing the BEST, my son Robert Heyman". Robert is only 23, and is a former NCAA Divison 1 Heavyweight wrestling champion, 6 foot 4 and 280 pounds, remind you of anyone. This guy has admired Brock all his life, but the fact this guy can't win the title and keep it like he should annoys him. His father is the greatest manager of all time, his top client should be champion, and sure enough some day he was going to join WWE but was asked by Paul to make the step up now as Brock is done. He has a contract until the following Wrestlemania, but as an elite athlete Brock, he's done. So says Robert and Paul Heyman.

    The match is set for Summerslam, it's Brock vs Robert, Brock is on his own this time. Robert goes over Brock, putting on a wrestling clinic reminiscent of Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar himself, suplex's for days. Robert goes on to back up that victory in the next couple of months, seemingly having retired Lesnar. He gets his shot at Roman Reigns at the Rumble, but just as it seems like Robert is about to win the title out comes Brock to F5 him into oblivion, costing him the match. Again the match is set between these 2, for Wrestlemania. It's announced before this match, win or lose it's Brock's final match. And boy is he motivated, all signs point to one hell of a match and Mania and that's what we get. One hell of a match. Brock is 40 though and can't fully live with the best anymore, and he's beaten 123 to end it all. Robert helps him up after the match, in a show of respect, Brock did give him everything he could. Paul even shakes his hand, and it's goodbye Brock Lesnar. From here you can go anywhere with Robert Heyman, he's destined for the top after all.

    So to sum up you're getting a new Paul Heyman guy, a way to keep Paul Heyman around and you take advantage of every last rub Brock Lesnar can give you. Well, here comes the best.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,476 ✭✭✭brianregan09

    Interesting choice for you're answer now let me deliver you mine this is a story that has its roots in OVW and concerns the newly found brother of Seth Rollins someone who has a history with in the past that man is Chris Hero

    These two have a history dating all the way back to OVW when Hero known then as Kassius Ohno won the last FCW title beating Seth Rollins, It would all go down at Summerslam, With Rollins having battered Seth battered Finn Balor with a chair after a silly ref bump, Rollins is just about to hit the pedigree and a masked man leaps the barrier and runs into the ring and attacks Rollins hitting a pedigree on him and leaving the ring , Balor seeing the damage done wakes the ref and hits the Coup De Grace winning the 1st WWE Universal Title, The commentators don't know what's going and speculation runs riot on twitter and on the internet across the next 24 hours leading to Raw the next night

    Raw opens with Rollins already sitting in the middle of the ring demanding his attacker come out , Minutes later an unfamiliar theme tune plays out over the arena and out walks Chris Hero (some one Rollins wasn't expecting) Hero goes on to say he was signed to a Raw contract , Rollins then asks him why does he think he deserves to be in his ring with the Architect of the Shield , Hero then reveals how he's the one that attacked Rollins last night because he doesn't deserve any more preferential treatment, Hero reminds him of that night in FCW where he beat him , and how then NXT started and everything changed

    He goes on to say how Rollins got all the chances from there on and he didn't getting stuck in rubbish matches and how we was suppose to be a part of the shield but Triple H said no and eventually getting released him , Rollins then agrues why should he give a **** about him and attacks him a big brawl breaks out and there seperated , Rollins begs Stephanie backstage for a shot at Hero at Backlash , Stephanie accepts , Hero goes on to have wins over kevin owens, sami Zayn and Cesaro all people who he has a chip on his shoulder with because they succeeded in WWE where he didn't

    Backlash comes and Rollins hits the ring early during Hero's entrance and destroys him with a steel chair and the match never takes place with Rollins battering and bruising hero, Rollins walking up to the ramp is stopped by a Hero screaming at him on the mic , You always do it don't ya always stab you're brothers in the back ....including me you're own flesh and blood the crowd don't know what to do Rollins walks back down to the ring and is about to pedigree hero but drops him again and not sure what to do leaves the ring

    He comes out the next night Chris Hero and begins to explain how they have the same Father but different mothers and Rollins knows by the look on his face that its true , Hero wants one more chance at Rollins to prove he belongs on the same stage as his brother , But Rollins constantly denies it, the weeks go by and with the evidence building up , Rollins has a number 1 contender match with Kevin Owens , again Hero interferes and costs Rollins the match and beats the crap out of him telling him he's not going away unless he gets his match, Foley comes out and books a match at Hell In A Cell Rollins vs Hero

    Hell in a Cell comes and they create an absolute classic match with Rollins finally winning after a war , Hitting the pedigree from the top rope inside the cage following a failed suicide dive off the top of the cage onto the announce table below, Hero is down in the ring and as the cage goes back up , Rollins looks at him for a second before leaving the ring , Rollins has a second thought though and goes back into the ring and stares down at Hero for a minute pondering what to do, Rollins then helps him up and raises hero's hand and the crowd cheer , Rollins then kicks hero in the gut and pedigrees him again , he shouts welcome to the WWE brother before leaving

    My option you further solidfy Seth Rollins as the biggest Heel in WWE and you also bring another fantastic indy wrestler into the WWE and instantly make him look strong where they struggled to find something for him before , theres already a background between these two ala Sami Zayn and Owens to build off of and not to mention they are believable looks wise as brothers

    Now onto you're option

    To be honest son of paul sounds great and that's where you're idea goes down hill you've basically brought in a younger version of Lesnar from nowhere if Heyman one of the most popular guys in the wrestling world had a wrestling son , it'd be widely known about its just not realistic that someone of brocks ilk and Heymans lineage would be able to come out of the woods unknown

    Maybe this would have worked if he wasn't exactly like brock , or he hadn't Heymans name these are the two things i'd change with you're idea its all too predictable, Like my option doesn't even need the brother angle it more gives it an extra oopmh and a reason for Rollins to care , Where as why would brock give two ****s about some guy who just suddenly came out of the wood work , Like heyman and brock are so close Brock would definitely know about this guy

    2ndly I don't think its realistic that Finn Balor would believably beat Brock two nights in a row but that doesn't matter in terms of the feud , a feud like this wouldn't need the belt anyway

    as for keeping Heyman around Brock aint going nowhere now especailly as he failed the UFC drugs test he'll probably need his WWE dates now more than ever , and look at Heyman he's a tiny little fat guy going bald do you really think its believable that Heyman could even produce a guy like Brock

    Anyway I'm sure we're going to back forth over this a little more but that's my 1st shot

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,722 ✭✭✭SureYWouldntYa

    You're right, if Paul Heyman actually had a son interested in wrestling it would be well known. Ditto if Seth Rollins and Chris Hero were brothers it would be well known. I called the guy Robert Heyman he doesn't actually have to be Heyman. Kayfabe wise both our ideas work, in reality we know it doesn't.

    Brock doesn't care about anyone but himself, that's well established. He and Heyman have a business relationship. It's more than plausible that he wouldn't know about Heyman's son, both in reality and kayfabe.

    You don't think it's realistic that Balor would beat an outgoing Lesnar twice, but you have Chris Hero, who was let go before because of weight and image issues, beating Owens, Zayn and Cesaro within a month of his debut.

    Also if he attacks Rollins during his match as Summerslam, does that not make him a heel off the bat? Especially from behind, little bit of a heel move. Whatever about Rollins being a heel coming into Summerslam, surely him being attacked from behind by someone new automatically makes him face. Attacking him before their match at Backlash is hardly even the best way to ensure the roles are turned, Hero cost Rollins the title of course he;s pissed at him.

    Lesnar might not be done with WWE, but right now his contract is up after Wrestlemania 34 in 2018. I'm taking that as him being done, he's had 6 years of massive money in WWE, he's coming to the end soon.

    Also predictable doesn't necessarily mean bad. Sometimes what's "predictable", is good booking. Nobody wants a WCW version of Vince Russo on the booking team. You missed a "predictable" step in your booking of Chris Hero. If you want to establish Hero as the face and Rollins as the heel, a simple move would have been for Rollins to not have wanted Hero in the Shield, nevermind HHH.

    All you're doing with Rollins is keeping him at much the same level, a win over an indy darling even his brother isn't going to elevate him at all. Hero doesn't have much place to go after losing to his brother either, it'll be all downhill from there for him.

    With my idea you're getting someone new, with the proper backing behind him. Who doesn't want to see more Heyman. He might be a near copy of Brock Lesnar, but that's what gives him legitimacy off the bat. Someone's going to get Lesnar's rub when he leaves, why not Lesnar v2.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,476 ✭✭✭brianregan09

    I think you've already caught you're self out here you said in you're opening statement the wrestler would be called Robert Heyman and now you're backtracking in saying he could be named anything this straight away shows a lack of conviction in you're choice

    Heyman has kids and there widely known by wrestling fans that there both kids again I'm gonna stress the Heyman Lesnar relationship here they are very close not only business wise but Lesnar who is himself a very quite man outside of the ring has often openly called Heyman a close friend and confidant so again I will say having a monster son come out of nowhere would not be surprising at all for Lesnar far fetched even

    As for giving legitamacy just for looking like Brock and maybe performing to that extent that is just rubbish even Vince Mcmahon himself struggled to find a replacement for Brock when he 1st left for the NFL tryout you had guys like Heidenreich , Matt Morgan, Lashley and Nathan Jones all having a go and despite having the look they didn't come near the talent of Lesnar , Brock as many have said on WWE TV is a once in a lifetime athlete , A freak of nature , It'll be a long way off before we ever see someone who is the complete package like he is , especially someone coming out of nowhere like that

    When you think of Lesnar he's the guy that Vince fell in love with and pushed him from the get go putting him over Rock, Hogan the hardys (in one go) and since he came back taking the Undertakers streak amongst other things that's why its very strange to think that a nobody (heyman allegiance or not) could come in and beat him, Despite the drugs issue in UFC Brock's standing is monstrous (pardon the pun) there's no one who is going to go over him that easy in WWE now , not Balor, Orton, Rollins no one even the current champion Ambrose got wrecked at Wrestlemania

    As for my pick its not unbelievable that Hero and Rollins could be real brothers look at Rollins actual brother looks wise there not far off at all
    you say its unbelivable that he come in and beat the likes of Owens, Cesaro and Zayn, that's also a load of rubbish , the fact that he met all of them previously in his career would be brought up Cesaro and Hero were one of the best tag teams on the independent scene, Hero beat them all previously including Tyler Black (seth rollins) these matches would only serve to lay out a plan for Hero for after the rollins-hero match these would just a taster for whats to come , My feud also allows Balor to be kept apart from Rollins for a while and feud with someone else while Rollins deals with this

    On the Heel-Face thing read it perfectly Hero would come in looking heelish , and yes heels attack other heels it doesn't automaticlly turn one face , thats poor logic when everything is revealed that's when Hero slowly becomes the face again , especially after the rollins beatdown you see Hero won't stay down that never give up thing , it worked for Austin against Bret it can work here , and the moment in Hell in a Cell afterwards solidifies both there roles , you say that it doesn't benefit neither , you have Rollins who has just been hell and back with his brother who is hurt badly go up help up (thus tricking the audience) and then nailing him again , It immediately makes Rollins look like an awful bastard again and Hero wins the sympathy of the audience and becomes a upper card face straight away, They tried this a few years back with Edge and Matt Hardy , Edge grabbed it with both hands , hardy was too rubbish to do it and had the problem of his real life brother tearing it up anyway , Hero wouldn't have any of these problems and has a dozen great workers to do battle with on Raw afterwards

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,722 ✭✭✭SureYWouldntYa

    You're really fixated on whether this guy is known or not beforehand. It's a bit of a straw man argument. We're being asked to bring in a kayfabe relative, arguing that I've "caught myself out" is clutching at straws.

    Just because Chris Hero looks like Seth Rollins doesn't mean they are more believable as family. My guy is fictional so I haven't got any pictures of him to compare him with Paul Heyman.

    As for being unable to replace Brock in the mid 2000's when he first left, WWE booking at the time was mostly a mess and people usually got over by themselves rather than with WWE's backing, look at the rise of Batista and John Cena.

    It is ridiculous that Hero would come in and beat Owens Zayn and Cesaro within a month of his debut. You're supposedly pushing this guy as a face, so I'm going to assume he beats these guys clean 123. What a stupid way to bury these 3 guys. Maybe if Hero was going on a mega face run to the top you might have him run through all 3, but for him to come in and lose his first proper feud just means that he's lost to those 3 for next to nothing.

    You're right that at the moment it looks like nobody can beat Brock. But there's also very little left for him to do. Beating more people near the top of the card for the next few years achieves nothing. Suplex city is starting to get repetitive. He's on his way out, he's goes out on his back. Same as damn near every planned retirement. He's giving his rub on his way out to The Demon Finn Balor, someone who in 3 weeks on the main roster has proved WWE is as behind him as anyone ever has been. And to come full circle in his relationship with Paul Heyman he allows Paul Heyman to go do his thing again.

    So to end on my part I'm giving the people voting the choice of keeping one of the best managers of all time in Paul Heyman around and a new guy unlike anyone on the roster (in a world without Brock Lesnar of course). Chris Hero coming into the roster is another indy hero who might look promising when first entering but will ultimately go little to nowhere in the mid to upper midcard role, he'd end up in limbo much like others before him including Neville, and the 3 guys he beats in his first month KO Cesaro and Zayn. There's enough of these guys on the roster currently, if he comes in it leaves very little room for guys like Nakamura when he comes to the main roster.

    I'm not getting hung up on little details that don't matter, I'm giving you a kayfabe relative and booking him in effective manner

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  • Registered Users Posts: 20,753 ✭✭✭✭beakerjoe

    Poll added

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,476 ✭✭✭brianregan09

    At 1st I liked you're idea but the more you talked about it the less convinced I am of it , you said predictable is good and shunned me for having unpredictability ...Just because Vince Russo did some crazy **** in WCW that doesn't make unpredicatability bad , two of the biggest Wrestlemania moments of recent history were both massively unpredictable Lesnar conquering the streak and Rollins cashing in the money in the bank on Lesnar and Reigns

    Then you say you're not going to worry about the little things , It's stuff like this that people come on boards and other message boards to slate WWE over , The little things are hugely important because there the building blocks to making the big things important , You're booking someone new to come in as a relative yet you can't even decide on his name or not which is massively important , you said robert heyman and then in you're next post you said it doesn't matter what his name is ........Of course it does ....and coming to ring next he weighs 255 pounds and looks like Brock Lesnar his name is ..........It doesn't matter what his name his , for the 1st time the Rocks Catchphrase would have legit meaning.

    The fact that you picked Lesnar and Heyman to use in this storyline is mad because neither of them has needed it , and its been proven by Cesaro, Ryback, Heidenreich that just simply being a Paul Heyman guy doesn't equal success no matter who you look like and parental guys like Cody Rhodes , Manu Fatu Sim Snuka , Tamina Snuka goes to prove that having a famous wrestling dad also doesn't equal instant success

    Brothers even kayfabe ones do have a proven track record , Dudleys, E and C , Taker and Kane , The Hardys and many more have all succeeded using the brother thing so why wouldn't Chris Hero get the nessecary rub from Seth Rollins and the fact that they have a history in the lower echelons of WWE and to a lesser extent the indies would give them a solid base to build from even without the brother thing

    You say its ridiculous that Hero would beat those guys , My story debuts him attacking one of the top guy in the company so beating Owens, Cesaro and Zayn would not be unfeasible especially if you talk up there historys too and also they wouldn't be damaged by it , they have all regulary eaten defeats on Raw/Smackdown and continue to be over massively so one more match isn't going to damage them anymore , and even then going on to lose to Rollins wouldn't affect them at all, you can put on a match/feud that benifits both guys , It's what every feud should aspire to do not just put one man over but both of them , Rollins would come of the feud a bigger asshole than before and ready for a new tilt at the title and Hero would be another big name for the upper midcard and not to mention his solid body of inring work you can then have him feud with Jericho or Owens and put on great matches

    and in finishing this I do like you're idea I just don't think you really thought it out that well at all to be honest you went with a popular choice of Lesnar/Heyman someone everyone likes and saddled them with a relative they don't need and would be very hard to work in. Rollins doesn't need a brother either but would tie in well with his persona that he stabs his brothers in the back Ambrose/reigns and now his real brother , for me my option is more realistic as i've used a real wrestler who is talented and able for the spot i've given him and in the process gave it a really good storyline , you're storyline is leaning on something that is years down the line Lesnar leaving. and that is one of the many places it falls down

  • Registered Users Posts: 20,753 ✭✭✭✭beakerjoe