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Help to find 2 songs please.

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    Hi Folks,

    I'm looking to find the lyrics of 2 songs and possibly a link to listen, download or buy them if ye could help.

    The 1st one i think may be by Brendan Shine but i cant find it online.

    The chorus goes

    "so buy yourself a table and buy yourself a chair
    buy yourself a little house upon a little square
    find yourself a big fat wife and buy for her a ring
    and don't forget the cradle to rock the baby in"

    The second song is about castletownbere in west cork and all i have is one line

    "on the threshold of heaven is Castletownbere"

    I have googled bothe quite a bit and have hit a dead end, i would appreciate and help ye may be able to give.

    Thanks very much