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Use a standard drawing and data table to change dimensions auotmatically

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    It's been a few years since I used CAD (ProE) and I was wondering could I develop a standard base drawing of say a bolt and then use a lookup table where i could enter different dimensions for the thread pitch or bolt head size and the drawing would update automatically to those new dimensions?

    I'm sure this already exists



  • Yes, Solidworks provides features like configurations and design tables for exactly this. I'm sure other CAD packages do something similar.

  • Hi

    In Pro E you can use a combination of relations and parameters to achieve what you want. The below example is done on CREO 3.0 but it is the same process on all versions of Wildfire.

    Navigate to "Tools" and then "relations". You can do this in both sketcher view or the main screen. Press the plus to add a parameter. In this example I want to be able to modify the bolt length, diameter and head size so I will create and name parameters for these dimensions, ensure designate is ticked. In the relations section I will let each dimension equal to the parameter name. Click ok when finished. When ever you change a parameter you must regenerate the model for it have an effect.


    You can now go into your drawing and navigate to "Tools" and then "parameters". Select "part" in the "look in" drop down menu. Change the dimension you want to modify, click ok and then regenerate your drawing by pressing ctrl+G.


    You can see in the below image changing the 3 three dimensions and regenerating the drawing will update the views to the new geometry


    I hope this is of some use