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Irish Motoring Icons feature Series

  • 22-07-2016 8:44pm
    Registered Users Posts: 568 ✭✭✭ CianDon

    Hey guys. Just wanna share a link to a project I've started workin on recently with a buddy of mine who write's for I've been supplying the photo's side of the duo. The idea is t get a true hardcore petrolhead feel for some preety iconic cars in Irish culture, as well as giving some background on how they've reached cult status. All about a mix of what puts them on a pedastil and then what it's like behind the wheel and in reality. Almost an Irish slant on the Pistonheads PH Hero's series. Our first feature has gone live in the last few days, on perhaps the daddy of them all for a lot of us rally nutters, the MK2 Escort. We have a Tommi Mac Evo shot aswell, and a few others in the pipeline. Would love to know what ye think of it, and the idea in general. Also, if you know of any tasty vehicles lying in your own shed, or a buddies, and feel they'd be worthy of receiving a feature photoshoot, drop me a PM ;) Both of us are Cork based though, but we will travel, within reason