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Extra Maps

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    I have a Garmin nuvi 2599LMT-D 5 which has Ireland, UK & full Europe maps with lifetime updates. It also has an 8GB Micro SD card.

    Can I purchase & add North America maps to my existing device via Garmin site while keeping everything that's there already? Will they all fit? and will it still allow me the lifetime updates for my full European maps?

    I see too that you can purchase the North America maps on micro SD card directly from MemoryC IE.

    How does that work?

    do I just swap my current SD for MemoryC's SD when I go stateside or do these American maps need to be actually installed?

    Is it possible to have Ireland, UK, full Europe & North America maps at the same time on a Garmin nuvi 2599LMT-D 5 with 8GB SD card?

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