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ATH First round match #5 Beakerjoe vs Moneymaker

  • 12-07-2016 7:59pm
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    It's the face who now runs the place (the place being ATH) in Beakerjoe vs a man who's name can mean his face in Moneymaker in this first round match up. Both of you know the score but just in case...

    A reminder of the rules :
    I will post a topic and you have to post your response including why you made that choice within a given time limit (before the next match is scheduled to begin), take care while making your responses however as the other contestant can counter your arguement i.e pointing out possible flaws in what youve said.

    *you can only counter an arguement two times so make sure your point is worth making. If someone's defense of their arguement isnt good it will count against them.

    *You can use the same answer as your opponent if you wish i.e you agree with their choice however its hard to win a debate when your making the same points someone has already made

    see the OP of the main thread for further details or if any examples are needed check out previous years competitions.

    I've heard many people say that the current WWE roster is arguably the most talented roster the company have ever had but that storylines and creative are sadly lacking in this generation compared to those gone by..... Wouldn't it be great if you could merge the two?

    Question: If you could take any 1 wrestler from the current WWE roster and place him into a storyline, feud or match during the Hulkamania Era who would you choose? where would you insert them? and how would you see it playing out?

    Then after your first post, why would your choice be better than your opponents?

    For the purposes of this question I define "The Hulkamania Era" just like our boys from OSW review do from Wrestlemania 1 to Summerslam 92

    g'luck folks

    Who should progress to the next round? 13 votes

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    100% 13 votes


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    It's November 27th 1987. Hulkamania is at it's peak. Just a few months after the blockbuster WM3, 100,000 people at the Silverdome (:pac: ), the mighty Andre the Giant, Bobby Heenan at his side, body slammed and defeated the French colossus. Nobody can beat Hogan, everyone has fallen to the man of the hour.

    Don't think the Weasal has given up so easily though. His entire pro wrestling career he derided and insulted Hogan. Time and time again, he employed the services of one monster after another to try take Hulkamania down. They all failed.

    It's the Survivor Series main event, Heenan's team of five vs Hogan's team of five. It's down to the closing stages, Hogan is running wild over the heels....until a certain man shows his face.....


    It's Samoa Joe! Joe hits the ring a house of fire and annihilates Hogan, while the shocked crowd watches on.

    Heenan takes the mic and declares Samoa Joe the man to finally destroy Hulkamania once and for all.

    The feud goes on for months, Joe destroying everything in his path. Paul Orondorf, Bam Bam Bigelow, even the mighty Randy Savage falls to the Samoan Submission machine. With Heenan at his side, Joe draws more heat then any monster heel has ever drawn before. Andre was in the twilight of his career. Joe is doing the best work his career today in NXT. Builds to Wrestlemania IV, where Joe shocks the world and decisively defeats the undefeatable Hulk Hogan.

    He dominates for a year, until Hogan in a bid for redemption regains the title at WM5. They battle for the title all over the world in a bitter blood feud....while Vince McMahon sleeps in his bed of money.

    So yeah, Joe vs Hogan in 1987-88 is printing money. It was typical for Hogan to be fed all the monster heels they could find. None of them could work, none of the matches were any good. This wouldn't be the case with Joe. Great promos, intensity and ass kicking with Bobby Heenan at his side.


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    Firstly, nice answer MoneyMaker, I shall address your choice and angle in due time, but allow me to present my feud, allow me to present the man I throw back in time .... allow me to put forward....BROCK LESNAR!


    While I toyed with the idea of other men (who I will reveal in the discussion thread), Brock seriously could not be over looked for anyone in my opinion. Brock is THE draw of this era. He, as Vince McMahon put it only days ago, hes the most formidable combat athlete in sports today and not matter who else I thought of to go back in time and wreak havoc in the Hulkamania Era, I just couldn’t look past The Beast.

    My story is different to yours, as mine begins after Wrestlemania Six. Hulk Hogan has been bested by The Ultimate Warrior at The Gran Daddy of them all and The Warrior begins his reign while Hogan ponders what he does in defeat. The Warrior goes on to his feud with Rick Rude as per usual, but for Hogan, things go differently than History reflects.

    Hogan arrives on The Brother Love show to tell the world, in dramatic Hogan Fashion, that hes taking some time of to re-evaluate his life and his career and leaves with Gorilla Monsoon asking the question will we see Hogan fight again and Bobby Heenan declares Hogan retired and finished in typical Heenan fashion. Hogan is now off TV, giving The Warrior and Rude all the spotlight.

    In Late April, 3 weeks after Wrestlemania, Vignettes begin to air hyping up the debut of one Brock Lesnar. Hes build up in similar style to his UFC hype videos as we see him in ridiculous looking feats of strength, lifting barbells, flipping tyres and destroying opponents in sparing matches. Brock is coming. After 4 weeks of promos, Brock arrives on Wrestling Challenge to much fanfare and destroys a jobber in quick, destructive fashion and establishes himself as a heel by re attacking his victim after the bell with 2 more F-5s. . Over the coming month he does the same with other no-name jobbers and looks like the monster he is, with Heenan loving him and Monsoon calling him a heartless monster, hell bent on destruction. Soon after he squashes a few, Bobby Heenan begins to talk about him pulling off the deal of the century and he reveals that he has taken over as Brocks manager. He declares that Brock is the future and that he will be bigger than Hulkamania.

    Its then announced, by president Jack Tunney , that Brock will have his next match against Hacksaw Jim Duggan at a Saturday Night Main Event around Independence day weekend.. Both have backstage interviews the week prior, Brock being interviewed in similar fashion to his UFC promo work, calmly saying hes going to kill Duggan and make an example out of him, while Duggan says hes gonna do it for the US of A and dedicates the match to his buddy Hogan who he misses.

    The match comes around and Brock mauls him. He no sells all of Duggans offence and destroys him with a 5 german suplexs and a hellacious F5. Brock gets the win and Duggan is hurt bad, bleeding from the mouth which Monsson tells us hes bleeding internally. Medics and officials hit teh ring to attend to the fallen Hacksaw, while Brock talks some trash after the bell and tells the injured Duggan that this is for Hogan. Brock then pushes the refs and medical staff aside and delivers 3 more bone crunching F5s. Duggan is seriously hurt and Brock just smirks like Brock does, while Monsoon denounces Brocks heinous actions. Suddenly, one of Duggans pals (and Hogans buddy too, same group of pals), The Big Bossman rushes to the ring and Brock leaves without them getting physical.

    Previously, The Bossman would have beat Dino Bravo (a heenan family member) on the same Saturday Night Main event, prior to Duggan v Lesnar. Now after the show, Jack Tunney suspends Brock for 2 months, but makes the match of The Big Bossman vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam (on the undercard to Rick Rude and Warrior). In the build up Bossman is cutting a promo and says hes going to beat Brock for Duggan but he is interrupted by Dino Bravo, who says he will be in Brocks Corner at Summerslam. Bossman then reaches out to Hulk Hogan to be in his corner at Summerslam, saying the fans miss him and that he needs him. The next week on Wrestling Challenge, Hogan returns to announce that he will be in Bossmans corner.

    Summerslam rolls around and its Bossman with Hogan v Lesnar with Dino. Its a hot crowd with Hogan and Lesnar both out at the same time but Lesnar is mauling Bossman. Bossman does have fight in him, but Lesnar no sells it and toys mostly with Bossman and taunts Hogan from the ring. Brock eventually hits an F-5 but as the 2 count is happening, Brock lifts Bossmans shoulder up, indicating hes not done. 2 more F-5s come Bossmans way and Hogan is now on the apron, threatening Brock while Lesnar smiles manically. Bravo gets involved with Hogan and gets laid out for his troubles while the refs calls for a KO finish due to Bossman being out cold and bleeding from the mouth. Brock stands over Bossman until Hogan gets in the Ring and the both go head to head before dozens of Officals get between them. Hogan checks on the Bossman while Lesnar smiles as he walks to the back.

    The next week, Hogan tells the world he wants Lesnar and wants him at Survivor Series. Jack Tunney however declares that while he understands Hogans issues, he can not comply as Lesnar is now named the No 1 Contender and is set to face The Warrior at Survivor Series. Hogan is instead placed into a 4 on 4 Survivor Series match with Dino Bravo being the opposing captain.

    Team Hogan beats Team Bravo, with Hogan eliminating all 4 members himself. Lesnar meets The Warrior at Survivor Series and UW fares better than most against Lesnar, but Lesnar takes control when Warrior fails to get Lesnar off his feet for a press slam. Lesnar dominates the remainder of the match and proves he is still too strong for Warrior and ends it with an F5 for the win and becomes the Champ.

    Hogan demands That Jack Tunney makes him the number 1 contender but Tunney tells Hogan that The Warrior gets his rematch at the Royal Rumble and Hogan will have to enter the Rumble match himself.

    The Warrior loses the match, and fares better than last time and become the first man to kick out of an F5. Lesnar though delivers 3 more and pins the Warrior. Hogan does what Hogan does best, and beats 29 other men to become no1 contender and he and Lesnar go head to head after Hogan wins as we go off the air.

    The build up is all about if Hogan, who appears to be stronger than ever taking on the seemingly unstoppable Brock Lesnar. Brock is the ultimate monster, the ultimate opponent for Hogan and the ultimate draw in Professional wrestling/fighting today.

    Brock v Hulk Hogan is the feud you want, no other feud, no matter who well built up, will not equal The Beast vs Hulkamania.

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    Now that I’ve presented my idea, its my job to take your idea and say why its inferior to mine.

    Firstly lets take your subject, Samoa Joe. I like Joe, don’t get me wrong, I think hes a fine wrestler but lets take a moment, would he be the ideal candidate for such a big high profile feud. Joe has never wrestled in front of more than a couple of thousand fans his whole career. While hes been the top draw in TNA, ROH and NXT, thats mostly a smart mark fanbase and hes never been a top draw on a big scale.

    My man Brock, his middle name is draw. His look, his presence, the sheer visual of him in a ring is a draw. You say Samoa Joe v Hogan is a licence to print money? I say Hulk Hogan is the draw there and not Joe. Joes not a proven draw on a big scale.

    I say Brock is proven, time and time again to be the man to get eyes on a promotion, to get eyes on a big fight and boy does he print money. If you put Brock, the proven big name against Hogan, arguably the biggest name there has been in wrestling, its the dream match of dream matches from a promoters Point of View.

    Brock would do what Brock does best, and in an era where Hogan was the ultimate good guy, its a no brainer. Sadly, while Joe would be a great pick, he would just be another Hogan feud in the same vein to Hogan v Earthquake or Hogan v King Kong Bundy, it would be a fine feud but not to the same degree as Hogan v Brock. I would argue it would make the same on type of money on paper as any other Hogan feud, but Hogan v Brock would be two of the worlds biggest draws going toe to toe for the first time ever at Wrestlemania 7.

    My feud takes place when the business was going down hill, with the slow introduction of Sgt Slaughter v Hogan, (Also Hogan v Earthquake) a match that didn’t draw like it was hoped in the main event for several months. My idea would fill that void with a sure fire hit.

    Your idea takes place after WM3, and would most likely kill the feud (Hogan v Andre 2) that would ultimately give Macho Man the platform to be a top star. I wouldn’t want to kill that star, but your would most likely do that. Macho Man wouldn’t be Champ and we would lose one of the greatest feuds ever (Hogan v savage, battle of the mega powers).

    MM,your idea is grand but I see too many negatives and not many huge positives. My plan, it erases the nightmare of Hogan v Slaughter and in its place its gives you probably the biggest match of all time between super draw Hogan v Super Draw Brock.

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    Bumping this as I believe the last first round match is going up soon and thus if MM doesn't surface over the weekend I may have to add the poll without him having put up a counter / rebuttal

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    It's been more than a week since MM last posted so without further adieu Poll added

    The poll has also been added to match #6 so get voting peeps

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