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Online list of upcoming Church & Classical music events in Dublin?

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    Is there a central repository online where all music events in churches and other places with great acoustics are advertised? A google of "church music" is almost entirely about church music for weddings.

    I know St Ann's on Dawson Street, St Patrick's Cathedral, the Pro-Cathedral and Christchurch Cathedral are good spots - but their websites are often (usually?) not updated with the latest events. There are many other churches across the city that have occasional classical music events but they are poorly advertised. Entertainment.ie used to be passable, but now they've scrapped their Classical Section and you have to wade through all music events in the city and there's usually nothing on either.

    Would anybody have recommendations?


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    you could try http://journalofmusic.com/

    There is an emphasis on Irish contemporary music on it but it has a reasonable listings section.

    It also takes about 30,000 Euro in taxpayer funding via the Arts Council, for some reason.

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    This is something that's really badly needed, OP!
    I spend ages trawling the likes of culturefox.ie and get nowhere. There are so many concerts (especially in Dublin) and I usually only find out about them afterwards via a facebook event page or something. I have tried searching facebook events, and you can narrow down by location (e.g. all events in Dublin) but if you type in 'choral' etc it brings up things going back years.

    www.musicnetwork.ie is another site, but again - sparse!
    AOIC have an events diary but it's specifically for choirs and relies on people submitting events: www.aoic.ie/diary
    This site has a list of some individual chamber music festivals etc: www.classicallinks.ie/links.asp

    If you OP or any brave person wants to set one up, will support you all the way..!

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    Tucked away on the St Ann's church on Dawson Street website, and nowhere else on the internet as far as I can see, is the following gem:

    Upcoming Concerts/events

    Tuesday 2nd August 2016 8pm & Friday 12th August 2016 at 8 pm:
    Chamber Philharmonia Cologne – Vivaldi – Concerti Virtuosi

    Tickets from Box Office 0818 205205 or on the door 1 hour before (cash sales only)
    Lunchtime Recitals at 1.20 pm:

    So while we may have missed one Vivaldi concert because it wasn't promoted, the second will be this evening, Friday, at 8pm.

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    Just to update this, and the same issue almost 3 years later. I went to the excellent Vivaldi concert by the same Chamber Philarmonia Cologne in St Ann's Church on Dawson Street last night. It was superb, but once again the place was only about 60% full. It's such a shame that musicians are coming so far to us and you have to know where to search to find these events. I don't know how these groups are surviving financially at this rate. They'll be back in St Ann's next Friday, 16 August and tickets are available from Alan Hanna bookshop in Rathmines (but not, alas, online).

    The same group is also playing in Christ Church, Gorey (tomorrow, 8 August),
    St Nicholas Collegiate Church, Galway (10 August), St Senan's Church in Kilrush (18 August) , UCH in Limerick (15 August) and several other places this month, but you'll struggle to find them promoted on any centralised website. Bits and bobs everywhere and you really must know the local places to search for events. Perhaps a condition of any arts or heritage funding by the state is that the recipient is obliged to list their arts/cultural event on a single centralised events/tourist/culture/what's on website?

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    Eventbrite is a good addition to the online sites you can now find church/classical music events on, but it's far, far from approaching comprehensive.


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