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The journey of a wrinkled 20 euro note

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    Found a twenty in a pair of jeans I hadn't worn in months. Decided to use it as inspiration for a betting challenge/log.

    I'm going to start with a 20 quid and see where I can go with it. The goal is basically to double the 20, withdraw 20 and see where the profit can take me.

    I've decided to be pretty conservative with this as its only for fun and frankly 20 euro means nothing to me.

    I'll be posting the bets and what not down below and I'll update the Profit/Loss whenever applicable. I doubt I'll do a "rebuy" to be honest, I already bet extensively so once I go bust that'll be it. As I say it's all just for fun.


  • Bet 1 – Accumulator €20:

    Steven Butler V Robson Assis - Steven Butler @ 1/33
    Pavel Malikov V Leonardo Doronio - Pavel Malikov @ 1/25
    Magomed Kurbanov V Davi Eliasquevici - Magomed Kurbanov @ 1/33
    Manuel Avila V Prosper Ankrah - Manuel Avila @ 1/100
    Jose Carlos Ramirez V Tomas Mendez - Jose Carlos Ramirez @ 1/100
    Albert Pagara V Cesar Juarez - Albert Pagara @ 1/14
    Mario Barrios V Devis Boschiero - Mario Barrios @ 1/14
    Sergey Kovalev V Isaac Chilemba - Sergey Kovalev KO/TKO @ 1/5