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ATH First Round Match #3 gerrybbadd vs thebostoncrab sudden deatharoo! next vote wins

  • 07-07-2016 1:47pm
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    Match 3 is here and its pits 2 Around The Horn hall of famers, as thebostoncrab takes on GerryBBadd

    These two last locked up in 2014 in that years semi final, with TBC coming out on top by 1 vote in sudden death after a dramatic tie. Will Gerry extract revenge or will TBC repeat history, lets see folks.

    Both men know the rules, so lets get it on... HERES THE QUESTION :

    Q3. Its Wrestlemania time and WWE want to get a big celeb to compete at the Gran Daddy of Them all. WWE wants to get a big star to compete in a match at Wrestlemania and wants you to book the angle and the match . But theres some catches

    • But Hunter wants someone that has never appeared on WWE TV before so it can be fresh and new.
    • Steph wants it to be a female to show WWE treating Women in a good light.

    So its up to you to book a female celeb at Wrsetlemania who has never appeared before. Who do you book and why? Who do they feud with? How does the match play out? The decision is yours.


    Who should win this match up? 12 votes

    thebostoncrab - Carli Llyod (American soccer captain) vs Paige
    0% 0 votes
    gerrybbadd - Serena Williams (US Tennis star) v Sasha Banks
    100% 12 votes


  • Registered Users Posts: 3,491 ✭✭✭thebostoncrab

    From: The Boston Crab
    To: HHH
    Subject: Wrestlemania Celebrity Match; WE GOT HER!!!

    Hi Hunter,

    I have been working with the team all night to try find someone to sign up for a match at Wrestlemania in Orlando. I know you wanted us to find a fresh face that has never appeared in the WWE before and can be looked up to as role model for the growing fans of the WWE Universe.

    Well boss, after a lot of back and forth with her manager, we have someone amazing ready to sign the dotted line. I got an Olympic gold medal winner, someone who has become a media sensation over the last few years, especially because of her accomplishments last year. This is a woman who will secure us a huge amount of positive media attention and not one of those MMA fighters who would possibly end up involved in some sort of doping scandal. Boss, I have for you the captain of the USA Womens Football Team Carli Lloyd.


    Now I know I don't need to explain to you how inspiring Carli is to young women in America, but let's just take a second to look at what she has accomplished:
    • 2015 FIFA Player of The Year
    • Two time Olympic Gold Medalist
    • Scored hat trick against Japan to win team USA the 2015 Womens World Cup
    • Only player regardless of sex to score a hat trick in a World Cup Final
    • Fifa 2016 Cover Star
    • Women's Sports Foundation Sportswoman of the Year Team Sport Award: 2015

    And boss, that's only the begining. Carli has appeared on so many talk shows, magazine covers and more over the past 12 months it's impossible to ignore her! This woman is exactly the person needed to bring extra attention to Wrestlemania, will be a positive force and will be a win win for everyone involved.

    In terms of booking, well I don't like to tell you how to book, but I was speaking with the writers and we came up with a perfect way to make her part of the show.

    In January we have a show in New Jersey, Carli's home state. She is going to appear ringside as a guest, and we will ensure we focus on her early in the night.

    Later, Paige will be in a match against one of the other women, and by this stage we will have made Paige a full blown heel. She will be working on the woman outside the ring and hear the boos coming from Carli. Paige will smirk and tell Carli to get lost, but Carli will continue to boo Paige. Paige will get riled up and we work a shoot where Paige spits on the face of Carli, causing Carli to flip and the ref to pull Paige back while our security pull back Carli.

    The next day we run a story with Paige getting suspended for a week, and she will take to Twitter to go on rants about Carli and how Americans know nothing about football, and that she is only getting noticed because of how bad Americans are at the sport. Paige will keep this up, and fans will begin to wonder if this is legit or a work.

    As a gesture of good will we will ask Carli to appear at a Be A Star event to talk about bullying and we will showcase this on Raw. Paige will begin to appear at our shows again wearing an England jersey. She will one week call out Carli to appear, saying that she wants to show the world that Carli is over-rated and just another yank stealing the lime light from Britain.

    Carli will accept because she doesn't say no to bullies and we have our match set for Wrestlemania. We can play upon the pro USA vibes that happen everywhere and it will create a dynamic atmosphere, as our British supporters will no doubt still cheer for Paige. Carli is also be more than able to give us a good match and, by working with Paige, Paige is enough of a ring general to help carry Carli to a good match up.

    With the promise of a good match, a great atmosphere and plenty of media attention, you know that this makes sense. Just sign the contract HHH and we'll be ready to go!

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,301 ✭✭✭✭gerrybbadd

    For my choice, I'd pitch to Hunter to bring in one of the biggest names in any sport, recognisable worldwide, and who could pose a legitimate threat to any of the females on the roster straight away.

    I'm talking about Serena Williams.


    Look at that for an obvious physical specimen! Now, I would have Serena come in to face the one and only Sasha Banks.

    Serena could be in the crowd for Royal Rumble, all smiley etc, with friends of hers. The camera shows her several times throughout the night. Come the Women's Match, there's a spot where one of the ladies (say Emma for example) gets pushed into the barricade, where Serena is sitting ringside. The impact knocks Serena's drink out of her hand, causing it to spill all down her front. She's immediately incensed, and starts to hockey punch Emma repeatedly and viciously, causing a DQ due to outside interference. The attack is so vicious and believable that the crowd and commentators are stunned. It takes multiple security guards to drag her away. People aren't even sure if this could be a shoot or not, along the lines of when Floyd Mayweather first got in the ring with Big Show, and legit broke his nose.

    The following night on Raw, there are recaps of the happening. Michael Cole tells the audience that WWE officials have reached out to Serena, and her representatives, for their comments, and it is expected that there will be a response the following week.

    The following week on Raw, Serena is again in the audience, and to kick off the show, JBL invites her into the ring. She's pacing back and forth, still angry over what happened. JBL asks what caused her to get so angry and interfere? Her answer is that she only attended the Royal Rumble with her friends as a favour. She's a real athlete, unlike these pretenders waltzing around the ring here week in, week out. She's instantly portraying herself as a Heel. She says she let Emma off lightly, and she's lucky that security were there to pull her away. Continually, she plays up the real athlete angle, and putting down WWE talent as false pretenders.

    This causes Natalya to come out, who commences to cut a strong promo as to who she is, her family background, and her legitimacy in the business. Serena steam rolls over her, and absolutely destroys her. Tears some of her hair out and everything. She says that this will happen to any of the other pretenders that wants to try her.

    So it goes on for several weeks that, Serena will come out, cut scathing promos, and attack the females on the roster, sometimes more than 1 at a time. She's legitimately beastly in stature, so this is all truly believable.

    About a month before Mania, Serena has steamrolled though almost everybody. She's even destroyed a debuting Bailey, for additional heat. But the night she kills Bailey is the final straw for Sasha Banks. Sasha comes out to Serena and tells her she's been watching everything she's been doing to the ladies these past few months. Been watching as she cut down one member of the 4 Horsewomen after another. But there's one she hasn't cut down yet. Her. So, she makes the challenge for Wrestlemania. She acknowledges this will be her toughest challenge ever. But she didn't get into this business to be defeated by bullies like her. Sasha says all she ever wanted to be was to Be a Star. Serena readily accepts, and is even more angry than ever that somebody has stood up, without showing fear.

    Come match time, WWE have been playing up the bully angle for Serena in promo packages, and on the flip side, painting Sasha as a fantastic role model, visiting kids in school etc, you know the drill. When the match starts, Serena is in total control, really dominating the proceedings. All of a sudden, theme music starts to play, and all of the ladies previously attacked by Serena in the months preceding, appear on stage.They've all got the Be A Star logo on t-shirts. They proceed to come down to the ring, surrounding it, lumberjill style. This distraction enrages Serena even more than she had been, she's like Clubber Lang out of Rocky 3 in the ring. But this has given Sasha the opportunity she needs to hit her hard and fast. And often. Serena can;t help but be distracted by the ladies, who are pounding the mat, chanting "B - A - Star" over and over again. Eventually, she's so distracted, that Sasha capitalises and rolls her up for the win. As she's celebrating, Serena charges, but misses, tumbling out of the ring, and into the lion's den. The ladies swarm on her, beating her senseless, and causing Serena to retreat helplessly. The camera turns back to the ring where all the ladies have now entered, and they have Sasha held up on their shoulders, with a Be A Star banner in her arms, held high.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,491 ✭✭✭thebostoncrab

    This won't fly, and it can't fly, for two reasons:

    1) You made Serena a heel. I'm sorry, but why would a woman that is attached to so many charitable organisations, has her image plastered on huge international deals as one of the main faces of Nike risk ruining her reputation in the public eye by spending several months every week as a bad guy?

    Serena might be a good heel judging by her out bursts early in her career, but this is a bad move for her own PR to go into weekly television as a bully and a bad person. You can imagine Nike and everyone else will be quick to say "Oh she is just playing a character" which would instantly ruin any form of sense of her actions been seen as a shoot on television. And by having WWE seemingly address these situations as a shoot actually makes it appear more like a work. Why on earth would they continue to feature a woman that is bad mouthing the woman in the WWE?

    At least with my work shoot the guest is on the receiving end of the punishment from the WWE star and Paige is the one getting punished by the company in the public eye, which is much more believable.

    2) Serena beats WWE talent. This is a massive pet peeve of mine when celebs go over talent. They aren't sticking around; the talent will. So Serena beating women might bring media attention to the WWE, but what does it say about Emma or Nattie? "Your clearly not that good, considering a non-wrestler and someone who has never trained for wrestling beat you both!"

    Carli, in my booking, has one match against Paige, and we see plenty of training for her for this single match. But she is taking the pin. Thankfully Paige as the heel can cheat to get that victory, and it opens up for an after the match spot where Carli could get the last laugh by having another woman in her corner like Becky turn up, trap Paige and force her to run into a clothesline by Carli or something so that she stands tall. But the record books will still show Paige as the winner and give her a reason to continue her story the next night on Raw by going up against Becky.

    My choice works because you have a celeb that won't need to worry about how she is portrayed on the show since she is the white meat baby face, who isn't going to go over the roster and actually helps move Paige into an effective heel role, get more screen time and purpose and then move into a feud with Becky. Everyone wins!

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,301 ✭✭✭✭gerrybbadd

    Sorry for the delay guys, been right sick the past few days.

    Anyhow, why my choice works over TBC's is, worldwide recognition.

    Nobody in America has a clue what Soccerball is. And nobody cares. It's very much a niche over there. So to bring in Carli whatsername in, for WRESTLEMANIA won't work. It doesn't matter that she's going to go in against Paige, wearing an England jersey. This will mean nothing to the general US audience. JBL could play this up week after week like it's the biggest thing every and it still won't make a difference. I love football, but I've never heard of Carli Lloyd.

    Serena Williams transcends her sporting genre. She's known the world over, whether she's a tennis player or not. Everybody knows who she is, tennis fan or not. And she's a downright beast too. So for her to be capable of beating down some of the WWE's female superstars is believable. She looks like a rhino, and is seriously well muscled. It's a pet hate of mine when celebs come in and beat up on the WWE superstars, but this isn't Kevin Federline beating John Cena here.

    I think HHH would be adding your email to his deleted items TBC, I'm afraid

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,491 ✭✭✭thebostoncrab

    You clearly underestimate how big Carli is in the US. Last year we watched the Women's World Cup in the Woolshed, and the place was busier than it was for NFL games and Wrestlemania. The bar was jammed with Americans all cheering for the team and, more specifically Carli. She is a culture phenominon over there. As I say, she was and still is on the cover of so many magazines and appears on a massive amount of talk shows. A quick look at the awards she has won in my last post highlights how popular she is. Just like Ronda Rosey, Americans love Carli more than they love the sport.

    Don't get me wrong, Serena is a bigger name, and I'm not going to try bull**** anyone and pretend otherwise. However, she is so busy that appearing as much as you want her to in your booking isn't going to work. Plus, as I have said, you are putting her over two women (at least) that will be sticking around and will damage their image among fans. And what pay off do these women get from losing to an outsider? None.

    At least in my booking, it's a one on one situation and since Paige is playing the heel, she can over by cheating and it doesn't damage her image. Like I have said, your angle (like mine), is relying on causing people to question kayfabe. However, Williams has to maintain her public image so much that while you have her playing the heel on WWE, she is still going to have to maintain her positive image outside of wrestling. So the illusion is broken.

    Folks, Carli makes more sense. She is not only more available, my angle helps bring attention to Wrestlemania and bring out a woman who has done amazing work for women's sport and became a cultural phenomenon. It also ensures that the woman she'll be facing, Paige, will grow further as a heel and will move into a programe with Becky after 'Mania. Carli is the right answer.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 10,301 ✭✭✭✭gerrybbadd

    Ok, ok. Let's say the American audience don't pisš all over Carli. Let's say they all know who she is, and she gets a big pop. How is a soccer player expected to have a competitive match against a seasoned WWE Superstar like Paige? Soccer players are better known for their dicing abilities, and pretending they're hurt - at least that would be the public perception to those on the outside looking in, like a lot of WWE fans would be.

    And there's another point. Is there any cross over appeal? Are many WWE fans also soccer fans? I'd say it'd be more American Football, Hockey and Baseball. Id still be convinced that awareness would be a major issue in your choice, well argued as it is.

    Now, the fans don't have to be tennis fans to know who Serena Williams is. She transcends her sport. And she is believable, given her size. And so what if she beats a few superstars on her way to the end goal of a Wrestlemania match? This has happened with far lesser celebrities before. At least this time, it would be believeable.

    I know she's busy. But her schedule doesn't need to be filled with WWE either. She only needs to make a few appearances. Her impact would be immediate. Like a female Lesnar.

    And my scenario is something the fans could easily buy into and believe. It would be easy to see Serena Williams manhandling somebody like Emma. Try and picture the same scenario with a soccer player. Id doesn't work I'm afraid.

    So folks, I'm convinced Serena Williams is the right choice. The best choice. The logical choice.

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    Poll added, get voting guys

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    Poll bump, time nearly up folks

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    11 each guys, next vote wins it