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New Challenger Approaching

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    Hey everyone,

    Haven't been on in quite a while due to work commitments, my health and basically my collection taking a different direction (I've begun collecting sealed NES games) because I've topped out at 5 short of a complete worldwide NES collection. Picture is below the jump.

    I've decided to document my future collecting and play a few games etc. in the meantime and have started a channel on YouTube. More importantly I've started a section called "New Challenger Approaching". (I'm the first to admit the rest of it is a learning curve and hope to get better as I progress). Because of the nature of my employment, I come across people from all paths in life on a daily basis and due to my history / experience in the gaming community I've made many many friends and acquaintances that I speak to daily / regularly. I'm getting side tracked...... These opportunities have allowed me to reach out to a bunch of them and ask them to take part. The premise is simple. You answer a brief number of questions regarding your interest in video games and then play one level of a game until you die. Your score is then added to a leader board at the end. The winner will receive a prize and all "challengers/guests" will also receive something for taking part.

    I have lined up everyone from celebrities, YouTube "celebrities", musicians, wrestlers, one or two film stars, website admins and game store owners etc. to take part. I solely collect Nintendo Entertainment System games but because of my job I have amassed a large collection of prototype, promotional and sealed game items I have worked on or been involved in, but no longer have interest in and a large amount of these will be given away to guests/challengers who take part. I also have a grand prize at the end (I'm not sure when that will be as of yet as I have quite a few guests pledged to take part).

    This is where you, the public come in! I'd be delighted if any of you, YES YOU, lovely people would be interested in being a guest/challenger and would represent the Irish gaming community. As the old adage goes... "The more the merrier". Feel free to say yes, no or maybe regarding taking part but I promise if you are interested it won't take up more than 30 minutes of your day including game play.

    Previous "guests" to date have included Dan Ungar the co-owner of Retro World Expo, Carey Williams (Current Twin Galaxies record holder for Contra), musician Noel Hogan from The Cranberries, Mark from Mark Fixes Stuff and even 's very own BanjoGuyOllie (thanks pal!).... I even have a couple of good challengers lined up for the future (footage just needs to be editied)... more YouTubers, musicians, a wrestler, tattoo artist, a brewery owner, a few current and past kick starter creators and various people from websites/shows that are well known in the gaming community.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope to hear from a few of you either here on this post or through PM.

    Happy Collecting! Keep it Retro!


    These are the "guests" who have been involved so far. There will be a new guest/challenger every monday!