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**New Food Charter** Read Me First!

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    Welcome to the all-star Food forum! Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our rules here.

    We used to have a number of different subforums for different types of food threads, but that ended up becoming a bit confusing, and it caused unnecessary splintering. So now, all of our Food related threads are in this one forum!

    Tags are mandatory, and you can also filter by tags if only want to read a certain type of thread (like the image below shows):


    The following 'Beverage' subforums remain:

    Beer/Wine/Spirits - Booze related forum. You must be 18 to post there, and please read the charter before posting. We do not support binge drinking.

    Home Brewing – For advice, tips and tricks about home brewing alcohol.

    Coffee & Tea
    – for all discussions of hot beverages.

    And, our Cooking Club will remain as its own discrete subforum.

    The usual Boards rules apply - see HERE

    This includes but is not limited to:

    - Report posts/posters you think warrant moderator attention using button – do not back-seat mod or feed trolls

    - No advertising; if you want to advertise seminars, products, your professional services, etc, then contact [email protected] and buy space

    - No polls or requests for help with articles or studies - these will be deleted

    - If you have an issue with a moderator instruction then use PM to query, do not argue or drag a discussion off-topic by responding on-thread. Any issues with moderator actions should be taken to PM or, in the case of formal moderator action, the Dispute Resolution Forum

    Food Safety

    We absolutely do not allow threads about food safety. If you’re not sure if your chicken is still edible, then we cannot help you. Threads started will be immediately closed. We (the Food & Drink mods) feel it is unsafe for posters to accept advice from random people on the internet about food & drink products which they cannot see, smell, touch. Furthermore they would not know the conditions that the item had been stored by either the retailer or consumer. If you cannot tell if the food is safe to eat, then how would you think that someone at the end of an internet connection would be in a better position to decide if it was safe? As they say in professional kitchens – “When in doubt, throw it out”.

    If any advice was given & subsequently taken after which you or another poster became ill - it would potentially leave liable. It is our duty as moderators of these fora to protect from this happening.
    Finally, any breaches in the charter will be dealt with by warning, infraction or ban – there will not necessarily be a warning prior to banning and not learning from prior action will result in your posting rights to the forum being revoked permanently.

    Are you looking for a Product/Eatery in your Area?

    The Food & Drink forums are mainly used by posters from all over Ireland & beyond. Therefore if you are looking to find a product in your locality we advise that you post in the relevant Region forum.

    While we can advise you on sourcing goods in nationwide store chains & on the net, we find that local posters can give you better & quicker advice on sourcing goods in a specific locality. The same goes for Restaurants.

    If your query is very specific - for example, a rare type of coffee bean, edible cake decorations or loose leaf tea from a specific Tibetan valley - feel free to post in the appropriate specialist forum under F&D. But if you are looking for a restaurant recommendation, or the cheapest Heino, or Lyons Gold Blend, or Odlum's Scone Mix in Dundrum/Ballincollig/Castlebar - use the Region forums.

    We will move any area-specific threads to the relevant Region forum with a short redirect.

    If you are unsure where to post - PM one of the F&D mods.

    Please be aware that this charter cannot cover every eventuality and even if not specifically mentioned, posts and posters that breach the overall purpose and ethos of this forum are still actionable.

    Finally, this forum is one of the oldest on - please do a search before posting questions to see if it's been answered before.

    Happy posting!

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