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Rescue Bots (Playskool)

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    I want to get a few of these for my son and am finding them a bit of a pain to get a hold of. I'm looking for the ones that transform as opposed to the 2" static figures. Apart from Smyths and Argos are there any shops where they are available? Smyths and Argos just sell them as 'assortments' so it's difficult to get the ones I want, especially in Argos when you can't see what's in stock. I've never even seen Chase anywhere.

    Online isn't much better as any European site I have found them on, has them at really expensive prices. And they tend to be even more expensive when auctioned off on ebay. Some are available on Chinese sites like Aliexpress but I suspect they are knock-offs and they are a bit expensive for something that could well be of poor quality, as some of the reviews suggest.

    Any other suggestions of where to get them from. And how do the dinobot versions compare to the original vehicle ones? Reviews state they are very small and, tbh, they look a bit crap compared to the vehicle transformers, who in turn look a bit crap compared to regular Transformers. I have a box of older Transformers put up for my son and was going to put a couple in his Christmas stocking but realistically he'll need to be older than 4 to operate them.


  • iguana wrote: »
    Any other suggestions of where to get them from

    ToysRUs UK can work out well - They will deliver to ROI for free, provided it's over 30 GBP:


    AliExpress will almost certainly net you a KO (which can be high quality, alternative it could be a lead lollipop :) )

  • I got Chase for my little fella in Smyths Carrickmines about 2 months back if that helps... he's out there alright :)

  • _Kaiser_ wrote: »
    I got Chase for my little fella in Smyths Carrickmines about 2 months back if that helps... he's out there alright :)
    I guess I'll just have to keep checking Smyths. Whenever I look in Smyths there just appears to be lots and lots of the guest characters like Medix, with the occasional Boulder or Optimus.
    ChopShop wrote: »

    That's the one, not available for delivery though. My husband works in the UK sometimes, so I'll ask him to check T'R'U when he's there.
    PaulPriest wrote: »
    AliExpress will almost certainly net you a KO (which can be high quality, alternative it could be a lead lollipop :) )
    I've gotten a few toys on Aliexpress, some were genuine like the Superhero Squad Figures, some probably knock-offs but still fantastic quality and some that weren't so good but worth it for €2-3. The "Rescue Bots" they have for sale are pretty expensive to take a chance on though.

  • Smyths are usually where we pick them up for my son, got a chase and blades and the large ship (High Tide I think) , but yeah its a bit hit and miss, I did see a pack of 4 bots on ebay amongst the 3rd party 'no retail box' listings (basically knockoffs but good knockoffs!) .
    God help me for knowing this but Medix was actually one of the first ones released , but wasnt used in the cartoon so doesnt show up much in toyform

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  • Has anyone ever seen the dinobot versions in person. There are a couple on Amazon for a good price but the reviews on aren't great. And tbh, the easy transformation process means that when the are in robot mode, they seem to just look like out of shape dinobots, rather than distinct robots. The vehicle ones seem to look a lot better, with the robots and vehicles looking more distinct from each other. Especially the Boulder dumptruck rescan, but I can't think of an episode of the cartoon where Boulder takes that form.

  • Just won a big bundle of them on ebay. Not a huge bargain but I've got all the ones I wanted plus a few more, so now all I have to do is get a Christmas stocking big enough to accommodate them. :D

  • Just picked my (son's) Rescue Bots up from Parcel Motel. He's definitely going to need a bigger stocking. :D

  • I was in Smyths tonight and saw a few new additions to this line. They have added Quickshadow and transformable Morbot. Unfortunately they are no longer 2 for €20.

  • I'm having the same problem at the moment. My little guy is looking for blades and boulder. I have boulder, but no blades! I'm going in to Argos tomorrow to see will they check their stock for blades, but I don't hold out much hope!

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